Free Fire Announces 3volution, Its 3rd Anniversary event

Free Fire Announces 3volution, Its 3rd Anniversary event

Nutan Lele
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  • 3volution, Garena Free Fire's 3rd-anniversary event is underway.
  • Players get a chance to earn free characters and play new game modes.
  • Time Tunnel Interface allows players to earn Blue Chip Tokens to get exclusive prizes.

Garena Free Fire has its own unique way of celebrating anniversaries. Last year, the game featured a series of missions starting from 26th August that gave players a chance to earn several rewards. The mission started off by letting players claim Cake headgear from the 2nd Anniversary tab in the game. As part of the Anniversary celebrations, Free Fire also conducted an AMA and players got a chance to win free characters, a new game mode, Big Head mode as well as other match rewards. Now, Free Fire has finally come out with its 3rd-anniversary celebrations dubbed ‘3volution’.

3volution is an event aimed at showcasing how the game “has evolved, improved, and progressed over the years via a special Time Tunnel interface. The event features the Bermuda Remastered map with new accessible zones in the Clash Squad mode, the launch of a new awakened character: Hayato “Firebrand”, on August 23 peak day Survivors will get a chance to receive the free character and more for the 3volution event.

Time Tunnel Interface of 3volution

The Time Tunnel interface will sit at the heart of the 3volution event. It will allow Survivors the chance to claim rewards and reach milestones through Time Tokens. You can earn Time Tokens by taking part in exploration missions that highlight Free Fire’s storyline as seen from the perspective of its wide variety of characters. The missions of exploration will also reward Survivors with tonnes of character fragments for Hayato and others. Those who prefer to try their luck with the time capsule can now use Blue Chip Tokens, which can be converted from Time Tokens, to spin the capsule for a chance to earn exclusive prizes. Blue chips are also available after each match, with a 5x drop on August 23rd and unlimited daily cap. Prizes include the new Psycho Maniac bundle; the Jaws Maniac Mask; the Hand of Victors bat skin; and the Hysterical Laugh skyboard.

Clash Squad Battles with Four New Playable Zones on Bermuda Remastered Map

For 3volution, Survivors can also now join Clash Squad battles starting August 13th on the Bermuda Remastered map across two playable zones: Aden’s Creek and Academy. After that, an additional Nurek Dam zone will open for those who reach the 2nd-anniversary node in the Time Tunnel Milestone on August 19th. On August 22nd, all Survivors on the 3rd-anniversary node will have Samurai’s Garden zone available.

 Peak Day - Awakened Hayato “Firebrand” arrives

 Garena Free Fire says, “The 3volution update has caused something to awaken in Hayato. From Free Fire’s 23rd August peak day, Hayato “Firebrand” will be available for Survivors to unlock. The awakened Hayato possesses the Art of Blades ability which reduces frontal damage by 40% to 60% for 6 seconds, although firing his weapon will interrupt his ability.”

In addition to that, the peak day which is 23rd August of the 3volution event will also give Survivors even more options for rewards including all game modes unlocked such as Big-Head, Explosive Jump, Cold Steel, Nighthunter, Rampage, and more which includes the Cube Fragment Aftermatch Drop, a free anniversary gift, and a Friend Callback event. They can also claim a free awakening shard and choose one permanent character for free during the 3volution event.

 Finally, Survivors in India who correctly vote for the winning team in the Streamer Showdown on 22nd August stand to win exciting rewards, which will include diamond vouchers. Voting will begin at 12 pm (IST) on 16th August and will end at 3 pm (IST) on 22nd August. 

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