Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 Features Gunsmithing and More

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Call of Duty: Mobile India has confirmed on Twitter that the new Call of Duty Mobile: Season 9 update will be going live this week. The Twitter handle also tweeted out the community update that contains all that is coming in Season 9 of the game. Rumoured to be one of the biggest updates to Call of Duty: Mobile, the developers have gone all guns blazing trying to fine-tune the game and fix any and all bugs. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 is dubbed Conflict and is based on World War 2. This is certainly a change from the previous seasons of the game which were focusing more on nuclear fallout and the Wild West. Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 is bringing in new features like Gunsmithing which will let players customize their weapon loadout to a large degree. The entire game is basically getting a massive overhaul. New multiplayer maps will be available along with a revamped Multiplayer Mode and Battle Royale Mode. Base versions of the weapons are unlockable from the Free battle pass as well. 

Activision has confirmed that the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 release date is this Sunday, 16th August 2020 for both Android and iOS devices. Activision has also revealed that Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Series 6 will be arriving around the same time, although it's unclear if it will be part of the Season 9 release.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 Changes

One of the biggest changes will be the launch of the Gunsmith feature which will allow gamers to customise weapons to their liking. Primary and secondary weapons (including their variants) are all part of the same base weapon and share progression. Each weapon has up to nine attachment slots and more than 50 attachments and gun perks available. Players can earn attachments by upgrading weapon levels. Legendary and Epic weapons are now Blueprints with Rare and Uncommon weapons now camo. 

Existing users will find their base weapons now at the highest level of any variant they own.  Highest weapon level is shared across all the unlocked weapons and blueprints of that type. There will be no more levelling required for each and every weapon you received. Players can also show off their personal style with charms, stickers, reticles, and grind-able camos.

With the new Season 9 update, it seems that Call Of Duty: Mobile is trying to capitalize on the players bleeding from Tencent’s PUBG Mobile and trying to position itself as the go-to game for America and India. 

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