NIMO TV Announces NPL PUBG MOBILE State Wars

NIMO TV Announces NPL PUBG MOBILE State Wars

Shounak Sengupta
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Streaming platform, Nimo TV have announced the inaugral edition of the NPL PUBG Mobile State Wars, a tournament with a unique format. The competition will see Indian teams represent their states. A total of 9 states will be part of the competition with each state having been assigned a owner. The tournament has a prize pool of $3720 USD.

Format for NPL State Wars

The following states will be a part of the competition: 






Tamil Nadu




Each state owner will also have the option of picking the top players to represent their state. This will be done via bidding, which will be streamed online. State owners will comprise of community leaders and influencers

NPL State wars will be last for 14 days, which is from August 5 to August 21. A total of 54 teams will be seen in the quarter finals, which contains  27 T1 teams and 27 underdog teams from 9 states.The quarter finals will be held between 11 August -and 17 August.Out the total 54 participating teams, the top 28 teams and 8 invited teams will qualify for the semi Finals. The semi finals stage will see these 36 teams fight for the top 18 spots. 

The top 18 teams will then compete in 8 rounds of intense action, after which the team topping the table will be claimed the winners of NPL State wars. The 27 tier 1 teams who will be a part of the NPL State Wars are: 






6. Team IND

7. Fnatic

8. Aztecs esports

9. Insane Axom

10. Element esports

11. Hyderabadi boys

12.  Mayhem

13. Hail Gods reign

14.   Marcos gaming

15. Hydra official

16. Team tamilas

17.  Blind

18.  Team Hype

19. 4king

20. 8bit

21. Inside out

22.  X Spark

23.  Elementrix

24. Soul

25. Optimum esports

26. UME Rvng

27. Powerhouse

Prize Pool

The prize pool of 270,000 INR (~$3720 USD) will be distributed as follows: 

1. 1st Prize = 1.5 Lacs ( 2000 USD )

2. 2nd Prize = 60K ( 800 USD )

3. 3rd Prize = 30k ( 400 USD )

4. Best Streamer = 100 USD

5. 2nd Best = 70 USD

6. 3rd Best = 50 USD

7. Best state Owner = 100 USD

8. Best Underdog Team = 200 USD

The Nimo TV NPL State Wars tournament will be streamed live on the Nimo TV platform. Registrations for the event can be done here.  

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