PMWL West’s Loops Esports Punished For Letting Team Queso Go

PMWL West’s Loops Esports Punished For Letting Team Queso Go

Nutan Lele
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Brazilian team Loops Esports was punished for knowingly trying to avoid a fight with Team Queso during PMWL West Super Weekend 2 Day 3. They did not team up directly but Loops Esports let Queso pass without a fight. On 26th July 2020, during the 4th Match of PMWL West Super Weekend 2 Day 3, Loops Esports came head to head against Team Queso but the former decided not to engage with their opponents and let them go. Loops Esports was waiting inside a log house between Camp Alpha and Bootcamp in Sanhok. Livestream footage showed Michael "Dadin" Barboza had a clear shot on Team Queso player Miguel "Mystic" Ramoha, but Dadin chose not to eliminate Mystic. He aimed the scope 3x directly at Mystic but only fired warning shots. Mystic, along with the rest of Team Queso could comfortably rotate past Loops.

PUBG Mobile’s Official Ruling on Loops Esports

PUBG Mobile Esports officials launched an investigation into the matter and released a statement saying, “We've reviewed all matches of Team Queso and Loops Esports, engagements, communication, kills vs knockdowns against each other, and many more data points, and could not find any other suspicious play. We were also able to confirm that Team Queso was not knowingly involved in the actions of Loops Esports. For the actions of Loops Esports, we concluded that the team knowingly tried to avoid engaging with Team Queso but did not team up with them directly. Despite there being no evidence that this interaction involved knowing collaboration between the two teams, it was clearly an instance of unsportsmanlike conduct by Loops that directly goes against the spirit of competition we stand for.” 

Loops Esports was slapped with a penalty as well. All points earned by the team on 26th July (Day 3 of the second Super Weekend) were removed. PUBG Mobile Esports has officially closed the investigation following the ruling. The PMPL Spring Split Americas champions have been performing well in PMWL West since the opening weekend. Usually ending up in the top 5 on the leaderboard in the Super Weekend standings, the team is sitting at the top of the leaderboard after Super Weekend 3 Day 3 with 442 points (199 kills) and five chicken dinners. 

They currently have a 26 point lead over Cloud9. Lucas '"Carrilho" Miguel has received the Weekly MVP Award Week 1 and 2. The heavy penalty at this stage in the game is a huge blow for Loops Esports who’ve been having a great run so far in PMWL West. 

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