PUBG Mobile World Championship, East and West Regional World League Formats Revealed

Shounak Sengupta
22/Feb/2020 11:18 am
  • The PUBG Mobile World Championship will be the final event for each season.
  • To qualify to the World Championship, teams will either have to play inPUBG Mobile World League East or PMWL West
  • The same structure will repeat itself once again for the Fall Season. 

While the 2020 PUBG Mobile Season may be well underway, there has to have been some level of doubt in everyone’s minds as to how the structure was and which region would get how many slots at each level of competition. However, PUBG Mobile has finally revealed the structure and slot distribution with full details. Let’s break it down. 

The highest tier of competition will be the PUBG Mobile World Championship. To get there, teams will have to play in either the East or the West PUBG Mobile World League or PMWL. To play in the PMWL, teams will have to qualify via the PMPL or PUBG Mobile Pro League, or in certain cases, directly via the PMCO itself.

The same iteration of events will repeat for the Fall Season as well. | Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

In the West Region, North America, Latin America and Brazil are currently playing out their PMCO matches. From these, they will qualify to PMPL Americas and from there the top 6 teams will join PMWL West. Teams from Europe will play out their respective PMCOs and then head to the European Finals. Teams who top each of the regional PMCOs and the winner of the European finals will all get slots in PMWL West. Similar to Europe, Middle East and North Africa will also send 5 teams to PMWL West. 

In the East Region, South Asia is the only regional PMPL event and will send 5 teams to PMWL East. South Asia meanwhile comprises of India and South Asia (Nepal + Bangladesh) who are currently playing their regional PMCOs at the moment. Japan, South Korea, Pakistan and Asian Wildcard regions will send one representative to PMWL East each. In SEA, winners of individual PMPLs such as PMPL Thailand, PMPL Malaysia+Singapore, PMPL Indonesia and PMPL Vietnam will all get slots at PMWL East along with winners of the SEA Finals. Additionally, slots for Taipei, Myanmar and other SEA countries are also there. 

The distribution of slots at PMWL East and West | Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

The exact distribution of slots has been shared on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page. 


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