DJ Alok To Participate In A Free Fire Streamer Tournament

Nutan Lele
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Garena announced yesterday that DJ Alok is all set to participate as a squad leader in a Free Fire streamer tournament in Brazil. “Treta dos Streamers” will see its second edition online on 28th July and will be streamed on Booyah!, Garena’s streaming platform, starting at 2:30 am on 29th July IST. 

8 teams in total will participate in the event with each team featuring a streamer and three members of the community. The teams will compete in the Clash Squad mode for the prize of 16,000 diamonds. Squad leaders will choose the rest of their team during streams from 20th to 24th July. Aside from DJ Alok, streamers like Nanda, FoxFire, Kazumi and Dutrana will also be leading teams.

Who is DJ Alok?

DJ Alok is considered as one of the top 15 DJs in the world. He has been a Free Fire staple since last year. Garena unveiled the Brazilian superstar as its first resident DJ after jointly announcing a global partnership.  DJ Alok has weekly streams on Booyah!, Garena’s streaming platform. He goes live every Friday and Sunday at 4:30 am IST. In November 2019, he also became one of Free Fire’s characters. DJ Alok’s in-game character, outfit, and iconic accessories were available for purchase and granted an Area of Effect ability that healed nearby teammates and allowed them to run faster. After the announcement of his inclusion in the game, DJ Alok had a live performance during the Free Fire World Series finals with an original new song, “Vale Vale.” Alok’s iconic dance move in Vale Vale was also available as an in-game emote. 

In the past, Garena and DJ Alok have worked together to create educational opportunities for disadvantaged young students in Brazil, using part of the proceeds from the sale of his content. At the global level, the partnership’s pilot charity partner was the YCAB Foundation, a social enterprise from Indonesia that worked alongside Garena to empower young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to capture opportunities in the fast-growing digital world economy.

Despite the difficulties posed by the global lockdown, Free Fire's competitive landscape has been quite active recently, with numerous competitions announced in the last few months. Since the cancellation of the second LBFF split and the announcement of COPA FF, which ended last Sunday, several professional and casual online events are being held by Garena. 

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