Free Fire Announces Beach Party Event; Releases Music Video For Indian Players

Shounak Sengupta
11/Jun/2020 01:23 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @Free Fire

  • Free Fire has announced the Beach Party event. 
  • A music video to promote the event has also been released and has been appreciated by the fans. 

Free Fire is kicking off summer with an event known as The Beach Party. It will give players a free Falco, Free Fire’s first ever flying pet, and exclusive bundles. 

The Beach Party will have several pre and post events, with peak day taking place on June 14, 2020. On peak day, players will get Falco by logging in, and a hellfire falco bundle by playing one game with friends. Additionally, players  will also get the event-exclusive Cutie Bubbles bundle by joining the share-to-win event from June 13 to 18. A Captain Bubbles bundle can also be redeemed by collecting tokens in-game. 

To celebrate and promote the event, Free Fire India has also released a music video for fans. The video, released only 2 days ago, has over 5 Million views on YouTube. 


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