Garena Announces The Vengeance And Concludes Free Fire Asia All-Stars

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With hopes of LAN events being crushed due to lockdowns around the globe and the rising popularity of pro players of Free Fire, Garena has decided to give its playerbase some good news. The leading global online games publisher announced today about a new in-game esports event, The Vengeance, that aims “to entertain and engage the global Free Fire community during these challenging times”. The Vengeance starts today, on 17th July and will last till 26th July. Garena has also announced an upcoming Gigantes tournament for the Latin America and Brazil regions. 

Citing the global situation that makes conducting LAN events almost impossible, Garena looks to double down on their commitment of delivering “exciting, engaging, and most importantly, safe content for its community”. With The Vengeance announced, they also declared that the new tournaments will be replacing the Free Fire Champion’s Cup (FFCC) 2020 that was scheduled for April this year.  FFCC 2020 now stands cancelled due to the current global lockdown situation.

The Vengeance Event

 Starting from 17th July, The Vengeance will allow players to win event-exclusive prizes, including costumes, parachute skins, loot boxes, and more. A new game mode, ‘Grim Reaper’, will also be available on the event’s peak day on 26 July.

  •  From 17th to 28th July, players can gather destroyer’s orbs after every match and use them to spin for points in The Vengeance Exchange Hall. Milestone rewards include a new surfboard, gacha vouchers, and a permanent set of Master Destroyer Bundle!
  • On 26th July, players can log in to claim a permanent Destroyer’s Final Strike bat skin and enjoy 3X EXP/Gold/Frag over the day. There will also be a 5x Destroyer’s orbs drop rate after every match of The Vengeance to help players get the new bundle faster.

 You can check out the teaser trailer for The Vengeance event here: 

 The full animation video for The Vengeance will be released on Garena India’s official YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages on 18th July.

 Regional esports Tournaments

 Garena recently concluded its Free Fire Asia All-Stars (FFAA) 2020 tournament that was their premier online-only esports tournament in Asia that bought together top influencers and professional players from India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam on 12th and 13th June. The tournament saw India’s representatives put up a strong show with two of its teams, Desi Boys, and The Mafia’s, securing podium finishes with a third place in the Influencer All-Stars leg and third in the Pros All-Stars respectively. 

Garena Announces The Vengeance And Concludes Free Fire Asia All-Stars
Desi Boys and The Mafia's rosters

Coming to the Gigantes tournament, it is going to feature top 12 teams from Latin America and Brazil. The teams will go head-to-head for the title of the continent’s strongest Free Fire team, starting from the 1st of August.

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