PMWL East: Orange Rock Kick Off League Stage With A Bang

PMWL East: Orange Rock Kick Off League Stage With A Bang

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League Play for PMWL East Season Zero kicked off yesterday and Day 2 decided the top 16 teams for the Super Weekend coming up from 17th to 19th July. For the next 3 weeks, a total of 20 teams will compete as the top 16 for each League Play weekend will look to qualify for their respective Super Weekends. 

PMWL East: Orange Rock Kick Off League Stage With A Bang
PMWL East: Orange Rock Kick Off League Stage With A Bang
PMWL Week 1 Overall Standings

PMWL East 2020 saw redemption for Indian teams as TSM Entity ended their campaign in 12th place while Orange Rock showed excellent performance, picking up a Chicken Dinner against Bigetron RA. With an excellent showing from Gill and Sc0outOP, Orange Rock ended up dominating on the leaderboards. SynerGE started the day slow but picked up enough placement points in Match 4 and a Chicken Dinner in Match 5 to qualify for the upcoming Super Weekend. Bigetron RA continued their dominance from the Opening Weekend and pulled off a clutch 1v3 against Valdus Esports in Match 2. 

TeamIND managed to qualify for Super Weekend thanks to their top 2 finish in Match 5. Despite placing 3rd in Match 5 with 10 kill points, Nova GodLike was the only Indian team which did not make it to the Super Weekend of Week 1 as they ended up with an overall standing of 19th place.  

Orange Rock

Orange Rock had a rough start to the day, placing 15th in their first match but the team bounced back in Match 2 with a 3rd place finish. Orange Rock won a Chicken Dinner in Match 3. Match 3 saw Orange Rock win a 4v2 firefight against Indonesian favourites Bigetron RA with Sc0utOP picking up both final kills on Zuxxy and the last headshot on Luxxy with his Kar 98. 

Orange Rock's decision to pick up Sc0utOP for PMWL East has paid off. His performance throughout the PMWL has picked up steam since the Opening Weekend. With a strong showing from him, Orange Rock was able to maintain their position on the leaderboard by getting a Chicken Dinner in Match 2 and placing 3rd in Match 5 on Day 1 of League Play. Sc0utOP was in the top kill leaders for the Opening Weekend with 14 kills. He was also the top kill leader on Day 1 of League Play with 12 kills. Orange Rock finished League Play for Week 1 at the top of the leaderboard. 

Bigetron RA

The first match saw Bigetron RA beat out NoChance gaming for the 3rd place. Despite NoChance making it to the final 3 in the play zone, Bigetron RA’s 11 kill points helped them place above NoChance. In Match 2, Bigetron RA made it to the top 3, picking up a fight with Orange Rock and Valdus Esports. Valdus Esports eliminated Microboy leaving Zuxxy in a 1v3 against JCZ, MARTIN and GODDARD. Zuxxy took out JCZ and MARTIN and after a long and intense 1v1 against GODDARD, Zuxxy managed to get a Chicken Dinner for Bigetron RA. Match 3 also saw Bigetron RA make it to the final circle alongside Orange Rock and T1 where they got beat out by Orange Rock. Bigetron RA ended with an overall standing of 2nd place in the leaderboards. 

TSM Entity

TSM Entity started the day on a low note, coming in 13th place in the first match. However, the team redeemed itself, picking up 7 kill points in Match 3 with ZGOD playing well. Because of this, despite them dying before the final fight, they ended up getting 3rd place on the leaderboard. They also picked up a good fight against Team Secret during this match with JONATHAN helping the Team survive in a 1v2 fight. In Match 4, TSM Entity made it to the final circle but were eliminated by BOX Gaming. Nevertheless, the team managed to get 2nd place because of their 8 kill points. 


The first match saw MegaStars make it to the final circle in a showdown against Yoodo Gank and GXR Celtz. VeXe took out one player from Yoodo as ManPareng got VeXe and the final circle saw MegaStars’ Paradox try to hold out against 3 players of Yoodo Gank in a heal battle but he ended up dying to the play zone. MegaStars had a dip in the next game ending the match at 7th. They made it to the top 10 in Match 3 but didn’t make it to the last firefight. 


SynerGE did not have a good showing in Match 2 and 3, placing 13th and 12th respectively. In Match 4, AustinX helped the team make it to the top 3 in the final circle along with TSM Entity and BOX Gaming. BOX Gaming was dominating with 20 kills and managed to pick off AustinX in a 3v1. Although SynerGE couldn’t get kill points, their position in the top 3 in Matches 4 and a Chicken Dinner in Match 5 helped them qualify for the Super Weekend as they finished their campaign with an overall 11th place standing. 

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