Secret Map Livik to Exclusively Release on PUBG Mobile Soon

Published On: 25 Jun 2020, 02:33 PM

PUBG Mobile will soon be receiving a new map called Livik. This map will be exclusive to the mobile version of the game (not on the PC or Console versions) and is currently playable in the beta. The announcement was made via the official PUBG Mobile Twitter handle. The map brings with it new terrain, fresh game mechanics and other changes however no release date has been specified for the map on the stable version of PUBG Mobile. This is also the first instance where the game is releasing a map on the mobile version first, before the PC and console versions of PUBG.

Secret Map Livik to Exclusively Release on PUBG Mobile Soon

Brand New Terrain and Game Mechanics In Livik

The map contains a range of new terrain such as a flowerbed, a waterfall, hot springs, windmills, a new look and feel for the buildings and much more. Various YouTubers and streamers have been exploring new possibilities on Livik, by riding jetskis over waterfalls and doing cannonball jumps into hot springs. A new addition to this map, is the fact that standing in a hot spring actually heals players. This is a brand new mechanic in PUBG Mobile as prior to the introduction of Livik, players could only heal using bandages, med kits or energy drinks. Players can also drive a the new monster truck on the Livik Secret Map or run through reeds.

Is Livik The Same As Fourex Which Was Teased On The Chinese Beta?

Towards the end of May, PUBG Mobile teased a new secret map on the Chinese beta version, which was likely to be called ‘Fourex’. The update brought with it the P90 and the Spas 12 guns which were unique to the Secret Map. The map was smaller than any other map back then which lead to rumours that Fourex might have been PUBG Mobile's first ever 2 x 2 map. The terrain on this map included elements from all existing maps (Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi and Miramar), such as snow, deserts, seas and grasslands. However now it seems as though Livik is the same ‘Secret Map’ that was teased earlier with minor changes. At this time, no additional details are available about when the map will be playable on the standard version of the game. 

Further back in April, PUBG Mobile teased Erangel 2.0 along with team based skins which are yet to make their way into the stable version of the game.

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