PUBG MOBILE’s New Map Fourex Out on Chinese Beta Version

Shounak Sengupta
27/May/2020 10:14 am

Cover and thumbnail via @PUBG MOBILE

  • The latest map that is expected to be released into PUBG MOBILE was found in the beta version. 
  • The map is likely to be called Fourex and will be the first 2x2 map in PUBG MOBILE. 

The newest map in PUBG MOBILE, which is likely to be called Fourex has been released on the beta version in China. The map will be the first one to arrive on mobile first as it is neither available on console or PC for the moment. A recent post by PUBG MOBILE hinting the arrival of a new map also points to the same. While many thought it was Erangel 2.0 or Karakin, both of which are live on PC, it seems that the game’s journey on mobile will take a different path. The map itself has not been fully made, with places on the map not being named at the moment. 

Officially, the map’s name hasn’t been revealed and it is marked with the words Secret Map. Popular North American YouTuber, Powerbang played on it in a recent stream and more recently other streamers have also begun to try out the new map. The P90 and the Spas 12 shotgun were both unique to the map along with a monster truck. The map itself is much smaller than any other map on PUBG MOBILE and is likely to be a 2x2 map. The topographical features include elements from existing maps such as snow, deserts and grasslands.  



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