MortaL says that he was hurt by the actions of his ex teammates and things can never go back to being the same

MortaL says that he was hurt by the actions of his ex teammates and things can never go back to being the same

Shounak Sengupta
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At one point of time, SouL was one of the most loved and respected rosters in India, comprising of some fan favorite players. The team represented the region at PMCO Spring Championship but the squad split up after the tournament. While it was initially announced that MortaL would step away from competitive gaming and Sc0utOP would take his spot, the events that transpired in the following weeks saw Sc0ut, Owais and Ronak leave the SouL roster and form a team called XSpark (Now Fnatic). This left SouL with only Viper at the time, until MortaL decided to return to competitive play and the two recruited new talent to complete their squad. 

While things were indeed sour between MortaL and Sc0ut after the former’s fans harassed the latter on stream, Sc0ut’s reactions too were immature and brash, escalating the conflict and adding fuel to the fire. The two eventually patched up at a LAN but the peace seems to have been short lived. While there has been some friction between the sides, SouL’s decision to use a pan on a downed Fnatic player in a scrim was taken as a mark of disrespect by Fnatic. This situation was resolved but according to the latest developments, things are still not okay between the two sides.

While on a Instagram live, Ronak mentioned that he had tried to reach out to both MortaL and Viper multiple times in the past and repair the relationship, but was unsuccessful. Later, Ronak made a brief appearance on MortaL’s stream to play with him but MortaL was hosting custom rooms on his Diwali stream. When viewers asked MortaL had patched up with his ex teammates, MortaL said that he had been hurt in the past and things would not go back to being the same. He explained that he was still affected by how things went down in the past and even if he is cordial on the face, it would mean very little. 

Both teams will clash at the upcoming PMCO South Asia Qualifiers which begin on the 6th of November. Will sparks fly or will the LAN environment help the former friends patch things up with each other?

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