PUBGM | MortaL to step away from esports to focus on YouTube after PMSC 2019

Shounak Sengupta
4/Aug/2019 10:15 am

Cover image source: @ig_mortal

One of India’s most recognizable faces in PUBGM, MortaL made a big announcement last night as he decides to step away from his esports career and focus on YouTube channel. MortaL is one of the biggest streamers in the country with his YT channel sitting at over 2.6 million subscribers. 

MortaL is known for being the face of Team SouL and his presence at the PMCO Global Finals, meant that India had lots of support both on stream and in Berlin. However, the team could manage only 12th place in the tournament, but unsurprisingly, MortaL won the fan vote by an overwhelmingly large amount. It was a clear indicator, that MortaL had a massive fan base of die-hard supporters and loyal fans who would support their hero till the end.


MortaL and Team SouL at the recently concluded PMCO Global Finals in Berlin
Source: @MortaL

Last night, via his community tab on YT and his Facebook page, MortaL announced that he would be stepping away from the competitive side of things post-PMSC 2019. In his post, MortaL talks about missing his viewers and the opportunity to stream regularly and that he would like to take a break from the competitive side to focus on streaming. MortaL’s last regular stream was over 2 weeks ago, but he became busy with visa-related work since then and was attending the PMCO finals shortly after. Even now, MortaL is in Taiwan along with SouL and a bunch of Indian content creators to shoot content for the upcoming PMSC 2019 event in September. The hectic schedule, practise and constant travelling seems to have taken a toll on MortaL, who is finding it difficult to focus on both his esports career and his channel at the same time. It is expected that he will return to India somewhere around the 10th to the 12th of August and resume his regular streams shortly after.

In his post, MortaL also talks about having personal obligations towards his family and his audience and reiterates that he will focus on being a streamer/content creator and influencer in the near future. He also mentioned that he would try to mentor upcoming teams as well.

So what does this mean for SouL?

SouL will continue to exist and try and remake their roster to try and participate in future events. Unfortunately, the rest of the team members haven’t spoken their mind on the matter yet. The move certainly isn’t unheard of in esports as many big names have quit professional esports to focus on streaming, with Shroud being the biggest name in this successful exchange. While it is certainly understandable that MortaL is unable to focus on both things at the same time, we will certainly miss the chants and support that his fans brought to tournament streams. MortaL will still be a part of SouL as he is more or less the face of the brand but he will no longer represent them competitively after September.

We wish both MortaL and Team Soul the very best in their journey’s ahead and hope both can achieve more success in the future. MortaL will still play at PMSC 2019 in September and the Peacekeeper Elite Global event in China towards the end of August before his departure from SouL is official. 



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