Dates, Schedule and Format for PMCO Fall Split Regional Qualifiers revealed

Dates, Schedule and Format for PMCO Fall Split Regional Qualifiers revealed

Shounak Sengupta
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The details for the Regional Qualifiers for the Fall Season of PMCO have been announced. The tournament is the 2nd phase of the PUBG Mobile Club Open, which itself has a 2.5 M USD prize pool. The first phase concluded at the Summer Split Finale in Berlin in the month of July with China's TOP Esports being declared the winners.

Dates and Schedule

Group Stage
Regional Finals
PrelimsGrand Finals
South Asia24-29 Sep6th - 10th Nov

23rd - 24th Nov (tentative) 

29th Nov - 1st Dec
Europe24-29 Sep
1-6 Oct
26-27 Oct
North America24-26 Sep | 1-3 Oct4-6 Oct | 12-13 Oct19-20 Oct
MENA24-29 Sep1-6 Oct
18-19 Oct
South America24-29 Sep
1-6 Oct
26-27 Oct
Wildcard24-29 Sep1-6 Oct19-20 Oct


Each Region will have 4 groups, with 8 teams in each group. 2 groups will play 4 matches each day to give us a total of 24 matches. Therefore for example teams from groups A and B will play on day 1, A and C on day 2, A and D on 3, B and C on day 4, B and D on day 5 and C and D on day 6. From the 32 teams, the top 24 out of the 32 will move onto the semifinal stage. 

Here, the teams will again be split into 3 groups of 8 teams each. Only teams from 2 groups will play at any given time. Each permutation (A & B, A & C and B & C) will play 8 games each to give us a total of 24 games. From these 24 teams the top 16 will move onto the Regional Finals which will involve a LAN environment for some regions and 10 matches to decide which teams get to play in the main event and which teams play in the prelims. 

The format seems pretty comprehensive and should allow good teams to shine, even if they have some off games or even some off days. The action will kick-off on the 24th of September so stay tuned for all the coverage, daily reports and recaps!  

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