PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifier - dates, location and format; 24 teams to play at LAN

Shounak Sengupta
24/Oct/2019 11:48 am

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  • PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifier semifinal and finals will take place from the 5th - 10th  6th - 10th of November.
  • 24 teams will play the semifinal stage and 16 teams will play in the final stage.
  • Both stages will take place on LAN and will be streamed on YouTube.

The PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Championship, South Asia Qualifiers will play out its semifinals and finals on LAN in the first half of November according to sources. According to a schedule which has been released into the public domain by a player, both semifinals and finals will be played out from the 5th-10th 6th - 10th of November. 


Dates: 6th - 10th November
Venue: KD Jadhav Indoor Stadium, Delhi
Prize pool: TBD
Format: 24 team semifinal/prelim - 24 matches | 16 team team final - 10 matches (unconfirmed)
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Talent/Commentators: TBD
Livestream links:  PUBG Mobile Esports

As per the information we have currently, 24 teams will be playing the semifinal and have been divided into 3 groups of 8. Each group will play the other on a total of 8 maps, giving us a total of 24 games. At the end of these 24 games, the top 16 teams will move onto the finals. The finals will see 16 teams play a total of 10 games at the end of which the top 2 teams will qualify for the PMCO Fall main event and the next 3 teams will play in the Prelims. 

As of now, the location for the LAN final hasn’t been revealed but we do know that the finals stage of the Spring Championship took place at the Thiyagaraj Sports Complex in New Delhi. The LAN finals will take place at the KD Jadhav Indoor Stadium in Delhi. Matches will go live from 1 pm onwards. Entry to the event is free and will be on a first come first serve basis, however VIP tickets are also available for purchase here.


 However, while last season saw only Indian teams participate, this year the semifinals has teams from Nepal as well, as it is Regional qualifier and not a country specific qualifier any more. 

More information on the teams playing at the South Asia Semifinals and Finals can be found here. 

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