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PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Reward For 26th July 2021

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Redeem Codes are a 12 digit number or character-based code that let players redeem rewards in-game.
Players should redeem today's code as soon as possible or it may expire.

PUBG Mobile has a lot of cool cosmetics available for players. The game offers players redeem code rewards from time-to-time. Redeem Codes are a 12 digit number or character-based code. Players will have to visit the official PUBG Redemption Center website to use the code and get the reward. Make sure you use these codes as soon as possible because they expire after some time and you can only redeem one code per day.

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code July 2021

Redeem code: BPHEZDZV9G

Rewards: 1x Heart (Chicken)

Players can gift the heart (chicken) to another user’s space to increase popularity by 20 points.

Use the PUBG Mobileredeem code to get one of these.

Note that players who have used a similar code (BPHEZCZ949) to redeem a heart (chicken) yesterday, will not be able to redeem this code.

How To Use PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes Website

Here is how to redeem codes in PUBG Mobile:

Step 1: Copy your Character ID from your profile screen. It is located on the top left corner.

Step 2: Go to the PUBG Mobile Redemption code website.

Step 3: Type in the character ID, redeem code and complete the verification code.

The redemption center website requires players to enter a verification code.

PUBG Mobile

Step 4: Hit ‘Redeem’ and check your in-game mail to collect the gift.

Players will be able to collect their redeem code rewards through the mail.

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