MLBB ALLSTAR 2024 Guide: How To Get SPARKLE Glow Stick



MLBB ALLSTAR 2024 Guide: How To Get SPARKLE Glow Stick

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SPARKLE Glow Sticks is a special currency that can be used during the MLBB ALLSTAR 2024 event.
This currency can be used to purchase items in the event shop like accessories, stickers, heroes, skins, and many more.
Here is all you need to know on how to get SPARKLE Glow Sticks in the MLBB ALLSTAR 2024 Event as well as the total number of tokens you can get.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) ALLSTAR 2024 event is packed with opportunities for players to collect SPARKLE Glow Sticks, which serve as a unique currency for purchasing various in-game items. Throughout the event, players have the chance to amass approximately 1,790 SPARKLE Glow Sticks through participation in different activities. These tokens can be exchanged for a wide range of in-game rewards, including skins, accessories, and more.

Here's a summary of how you can acquire SPARKLE Glow Sticks during the MLBB ALLSTAR 2024 event:

How many SPARKLE Glow Stick can you get in MLBB ALLSTAR 2024?

Overall, players can get around 1,790 SPARKLE Glow Sticks over the duration of the MLBB ALLSTAR 2024 event.

The complete list of events and how many glow sticks you can get are as follows;

Keep in mind that players will have to purchase the SPARKLE Melissa Battle Pass in order to get 250 glow sticks out of the 350 than can be acquired in the event.

How to use SPARKLE Glow Sticks

All the SPARKLE Glow Sticks acquired throughout the MLBB ALLSTAR 2024 can be used in the event shop to unlock a plethora of in-game items. These items include accessories, stickers, heroes, skins, and many more. Some items have purchase limits.

MLBB ALLSTAR 2024 Free Skin Astro Mallet Lolita


The SPARKLE Glow Sticks obtained can be used in the event shop to unlock a variety of items. Some notable items include:

Some items are subject to purchase limits and availability on specific dates, encouraging players to strategize their spending.

There are a lot of exciting events to look forward to in the MLBB ALLSTAR 2024. This includes five free skins, the highly-anticipated return of the Promo Diamonds, and many more.

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