New MLBB Hero Zhu Xin Leaked by Data Miners


New MLBB Hero Zhu Xin Leaked by Data Miners

You think Guinevere knock-up was annoying?

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A new MLBB hero named Zhu Xin has been leaked by data miners.
The hero is speculated to be a mage that focuses on knock-up effects.
The release date of Zhu Xin in MLBB is yet to be confirmed by Moonton.

A new upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) hero named Zhu Xin has been leaked by data miners. The new hero is rumored to be a mage that can knock-up enemies multiple times through her abilities as well as a vacuum effect that may be considered as one of the most overpowered Crowd Control (CC) combos in the game. So far, only concept art for the new MLBB hero Zhu Xin has been revealed by data miners. 

Moonton, the publisher of Mobile Legends, is yet to officially reveal the release date of the upcoming hero. However, she is expected to arrive after the release of the hero Chip.

What we know about the Zhu Xin in MLBB

According to a leak from Kazuki Official, the upcoming hero Zhu Xin is expected to be a mage who carries a lantern as a weapon. Her design echoes a captivating Chinese aesthetic, with the lamp serving as the focal point, adorned by a delicate flutter of butterflies.

What we know about the Zhu Xin in MLBB

Keep in mind that her design is still at its early stages of development. Changes might be made to her character model and abilities before she gets released on the Mobile Legends advanced server.

Zhu Xin skills in MLBB

Zhu Xin’s skills in ML feature a lot of potential ways to knock up enemies and keep them from moving for as long as possible. 

Her Passive Skill accumulates stacks called “Soul Lamps” that can knock up enemies when she has enough stacks. 

When her 1st Skill is cast, Zhu Xin throws her lantern in a target direction where it damages the heroes in an Area of Effect (AoE) and provides Soul Lamp stacks. She can cast this skill again to control the Soul Lamp and move it to a target location.

Zhu Xin skills in MLBB

Her 2nd Skill leaves a flower at a location that eventually blooms and damages enemies within the AoE. When enemies are knocked up using Zhu Xin’s other abilities within the flower, they will be dragged to the center of the AoE effect. 

Her Ultimate skill is a large AoE skill that damages enemies within the area and adds more Soul Lamp stacks to knock them airborne at full stacks.

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