How to Download BGMI on iOS After Ban

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BGMI is currently not available in India as it was banned by the country’s government.
It is possible to sideload the game on Android and there are tricks to get the game to work on iOS as well.
Apple is also working on enabling sideloading for iOS devices, which will allow players to download the game on iPhones and iPads.


If you are looking to download BGMI on your iOS device, you can head over to the official BGMI website and click on the ‘Download on the App Store’ button in the center of your screen or click on the IOS Download button the top right of the screen.

You can go to the official BGMI page on the App Store here to download the game onto your iOS devices.

Alternatively, open the App Store on your device, and search for BGMI and open the official Krafton link to download it via the ‘Get’ button. 

After Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was banned, Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store stopped hosting the game. While it is possible to sideload the game on Android by downloading the game files, Apple users do not have that option yet. There is some good news on the horizon as Apple is currently working to add sideloading and alternate app stores.

Can you download BGMI on iOS after the ban?

Yes, but it is a complicated process. Right now, it is not possible to sideload the app if you have not downloaded the game in the past. If you have played BGMI on an Apple device before, you can just launch the App Store and go to the history of your purchased apps and it will allow you to download the game without any issues.

If you have not played BGMI before on an Apple ID, it is currently not possible to install the game without voiding your device warranty by jailbreaking. However, Apple is currently working on enabling sideloading and third-party app stores in Europe, which is something you should keep an eye out for. 

Android users can download the game from unofficial sources and in case you have an Android device, you can check out our BGMI APK download guide.

Apple to allow sideloading apps soon

According to MacRumors, there is an aspect of the Digital Markets Act in Europe that requires Apple to allow developers to install third-party payment systems within their apps. Apple has not yet "made a final decision" on whether it will comply with the rule, but not doing so could lead to fines of up to $80 billion USD according to the publication.

Industry experts expect Apple to implement the change in the near future which could allow you to download BGMI on iOS despite its ban. You would need to create a European Apple ID for it to work but until Apple implements the change, it is going to be a waiting game for BGMI fans.

Warning: There are shady websites out there that ask you to install various software/apps on your PC or mobile for sideloading third-party apps. A lot of these sites simply want to install malicious software and you should avoid installing shady programs on any device.

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