Here is how to get enchanted golden apples in Minecraft.


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How to Get Enchanted Golden Apples in Minecraft

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Unfortunately, you cannot craft Enchanted Golden Apples, only golden apples can be crafted.
Here is how to get enchanted golden apples in Minecraft.

An enchanted golden apple or enchanted apple is an extremely rare item found as loot in chests around Minecraft. Unfortunately, enchanted golden apples are not craftable, but you can discover them in chests across different biomes. Unlike craftable golden apples, an enchanted golden apple will not only sate 4 hunger and give you regeneration but also Resistance and Fire Resistance for 5 minutes. Here is how to get enchanted golden apples in Minecraft

Where do Enchanted Golden Apples spawn in Minecraft

Due to how powerful they are, enchanted golden apples are a very rare spawn in Minecraft. You will generally find them in the following: 

  • Dungeon Chests

  • Mineshaft Chests

  • Ancient City Chests

  • Bastion remnant Chests

  • Treasure Chests

  • Desert Temple Chests

  • Ruined portal Chests

  • Woodland Mansion Chests

Enchanted golden apples have the highest possibility to spawn in chests found in the Ancient City (8.4%) followed by Bastion remnant chests (6.5%). Following that you’ll find them in Woodland Mansion Chests and Dungeon Chests (3.1%). 

You can only find Enchanted Golden Apples in Minecraft in loot chests.

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Your best bet to find enchanted golden apples is to make your way to an Ancient City and look in the many chests there. Ancient cities usually spawn below the height of Y=-20, near bedrock. You can most commonly discover them at the height of Y=-40. A general rule of thumb to follow in finding the Ancient City is to look for high mountain ranges in drier biomes, with a cave system underneath. Keep digging till you hit Y = -20 and branch out a bit to see if you find the city. Note that the Ancient City is a very dangerous place, crawling with Wardens so if you venture down there be prepared to fight. 

Enchanted golden apple effects

Eating an enchanted golden apple will restore 4 hunger points and has 9.6 saturation. The enchanted golden apple also provides:

  • Absorption IV for 2 minutes 8 absorption hearts worth of health.

  • Regeneration level II in Java Edition or V in Bedrock Edition for 5 minutes.

  • Fire Resistance I for 5 minutes.

  • Resistance I (20% reduced damage from all sources except the void) for 5 minutes.

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