How to Spawn, Fight or Escape a Warden in Minecraft 1.19

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Minecraft - Warden


Wardens are dangerous mobs that require planning and skill to take down in Minecraft.
Wardens are present in the Deep Dark Biome and it cannot spawn naturally.
The Warden will deal 8 hearts worth of damage per hit, it goes up to 15 in Normal and 22.5 in Hard.

Warden is a new mob that was added in 2022 as part of the 1.19 update in Minecraft. It is present in the Deep Dark Biome and it cannot spawn naturally. The spawning of the Warden is determined by player behavior so you need to be aware of the mechanics that can cause the mob to spawn or not spawn in the game. Here is a quick guide to spawn the Warden in Minecraft, or to completely avoid it. 

How to spawn a Warden in Minecraft

To spawn a Warden in Minecraft, you need to head to the Deep Dark biome which means you need to be in a cavern expedition and progress quite a bit before you see any Wardens. If the light level is less than 11 and there is no other Warden nearby, a Warden will spawn when you use the Sculk Shrieker three times. 

If the light level is 11 or higher, the Warden will spawn but bury itself immediately and you will not be able to spawn the same Warden again. Wardens also despawn after losing track of you for 60 seconds. 

How to defeat Wardens in Minecraft

Wardens have a total of 250 hearts and their attack stat is also very high. Depending on your difficulty setting, the damage you take from a Warden will vary. On easy mode, the Warden will deal 8 hearts of damage per hit, it goes up to 15 in Normal and 22.5 in Hard.

Warden attacks disable shields for a short duration and the attacks have a very high vertical reach of up to four blocks. If you are playing on Hard difficulty, you can get one-shot even if you are wearing full Netherite armor.

You need to dodge Warden attacks and deal as much damage as possible. Wardens despawn if they cannot track you for 60 seconds, so you can go into cover and plan your attacks as long as you are mindful of the timer. After you defeat a Warden, the block it is standing on also becomes a sculk block, and the blocks surrounding it become sculk veins. You also get three experience orbs for each Warden kill. 

How to avoid Wardens in Minecraft

Wardens can easily outrun players at full speed; you need to have enough stamina to get inside cover and it is immune to hazards like slow. They do not get affected by lava and fire so you should rely on throwing projectiles and keeping them confused. Activating minecarts can also allow you to get away from a Warden.

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