Minecraft 1.20 Update: Every New Feature Revealed by Mojang So Far

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Minecraft 1.20

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Minecraft 1.20 will not have any world-building features but there are new mobs, wood types and more.
The official release date for 1.20 is yet to be revealed but it is expected to arrive around June 2023.
Minecraft players can sign up for the beta or preview versions of the game to try out the new features.

Minecraft developer Mojang has revealed a number of new features coming to the game as part of the highly anticipated 1.20 update. There will be no new world-generation features which might come as a disappointment to some players but there is a lot to look forward to. Some of the features are already a part of the Java Snapshot and Bedrock betas and will be added to the retail version of the game later this year. 

Everything new in Minecraft 1.20

The current snapshot/preview versions of Minecraft revealed a camel, hanging signs, chiseled bookshelf, and bamboo woodset which will be added to the 1.20 update. There will be more features that may be coming but are not ready for the preview yet.

Camels are being added to Minecraft and the best thing about them is that you can ride them with a friend. They are large animals that can be bred and saddled. Hanging features are also coming to Minecraft and they can be created using any wood type. You can place the signs beneath or on the side of blocks and you are good to go.

Chiseled bookshelves are available in the current beta versions of the game where you can store all of your books. The fourth and final feature that is being added to the 1.20 update is the bamboo wood set. 

Bamboo wood sets can be crafted with a variety of customization options. Like other wood types in Minecraft, you can craft things like slabs and stairs and you also get access to mosaic-style flooring with bamboo which adds a nice visual flair to any building. Finally, bamboo can also be used to build rafts, so if you have been waiting for rafting in Minecraft it is finally coming to the game later this year.

There is no official word on when the 1.20 update for Minecraft will drop but an announcement will be made by Mojang ahead of the version release. In case you want to try out all of the new features ahead of their official release, you can check out how to install the beta and preview versions of Minecraft here.

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