Honkai Star Rail: How to Complete Every Hidden Achievement

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Honkai Star Rail Achievements


Honkai Star Rail’s hidden achievements can be very difficult to uncover without finding out about them from other players.
The hidden achievements do not show up in the achievements menu and are only visible after you clear them.
We have compiled a list of all hidden achievements that have been discovered so far.

Honkai Star Rail has tons of hidden achievements that you can complete to build up the achievement counter on your profile for others to see. Completing achievements also gives you Stellar Jade which you can use to summon on banners or refill your Trailblaze Power. We have compiled a list of hidden achievements in Honkai Star Rail that you can use.

All Honkai Star Rail Hidden Achievements

Do note that these are just the achievements that have been discovered by the community so far. There may be even more achievements that no one has discovered yet and we will update this guide as soon as we find them.

Location: Herta Space Station

Diamond and Rust: After completing the mission "To, The Faint Star", find Bernard and give him the log.

Does She Walk Alone?: After completing the mission "Guide Paradox", find Sheila and have a conversation

Seventeen's Map: Collect three authentication cards to open Asta's room. You need to gather all reading materials and talk to Asta to earn the Dawn of Disaster achievement. 

When Breath Becomes Air: After completing the mission "Requiem Mass", investigate the memorial.

Just a Number: Investigate the Rating Pistol. Different characters will score differently.

Farewell, Comet Hunter: After completing the mission "Out of Reach", collect three purple cranes.

Disposable: Find 5 Herta puppets and have a conversation with each one.

Sensory Socialization: After obtaining the ability to read the Memory Bubbles, investigate all 20 bubbles.

Location: Jarilo VI

Don't You Dare Waste It: Investigate trash cans in the District area to get Jim Roger Bread Soda.

La La La La Land: Talk to Tamila to get the achievement.

The Kelly Gang: Come to the fountain and choose to fish for the treasure. Consume 1 Praise of High Morals for fishing to get the achievement. You can fish a total of 5 times.

Twinkly, Winkly: Obtain Three Ancient Coins. You can obtain coins by fishing, opening trash cans and breaking destructible objects.

Diogenes' Utopia: Investigate all 19 trash cans.

Insatiable: Talk to Maxime to obtain the recipe for the Vomit Inducing Agent, then craft the Vomit Inducing Agent and use it on a character.

Natural Immunity: Talk to Gertie, and choose the following options: Chat, What Dishes, Rat Jelly. 

Winter City Trap: Talk to Eunice to obtain the achievement.

Trashy Humor: Use trash to synthesize consumables 10 times.

Location: Simulated Universe

Save the Princess: Defeat Cocolia without defeating Bronya.

Silly Little Brother: Defeat Gepard with Serval.

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