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<div class="paragraphs"><p>One of the best places to go treasure chest hunting in Honkai: Star Rail is the Artisanship Commission as it has a plethora of chests and puzzles.&nbsp;</p></div>
One of the best places to go treasure chest hunting in Honkai: Star Rail is the Artisanship Commission as it has a plethora of chests and puzzles.&nbsp;


One of the best places to go treasure chest hunting in Honkai: Star Rail is the Artisanship Commission as it has a plethora of chests and puzzles.
Here's a handy guide to opening treasure chests in this area.

Honkai: Star Rail has been the talk of the town ever since its release and it is safe to say that this role-playing game (RPG) by HoYoVerse has reeled in dedicated players. Apart from finishing quests and missions, or using your Trailblaze powers, treasure hunting is a good option to spend your time in the game. By looking for treasure, you can get your hands on mighty rewards including Stellar Jades, valuable experience points and a higher Equilibrium Level. 

One of the best places to go treasure chest hunting in Honkai: Star Rail is the Artisanship Commission as it has a plethora of chests and puzzles. 

Here’s all you need to know about the treasure chest locations in the Artisanship Commission area in Xianzhou: The Luofu.

Finding Treasure Chests in Artisanship Commission 

The Artisanship Commission area in Xianzhou Luofu has more than 20 treasure chests to open. The area has 11 marked chests in total, alongside various other puzzles and battles that also reward you with precious chests.

Here’s your guide to opening the treasure chests in Artisanship Commission:

1. Firstly, click on the Navigation Compass for Xianzhou Luofu and click on it. You will need to solve a puzzle that requires you to align the inner and outer rings of a Celestial Axis in the same direction. Once you’ve solved this, you will open a bountiful treasure chest. 

2. Now move upwards, turn right, cross the Space Anchor and climb two flights of stairs. Once you pass through the gate, look immediately to your right to find a treasure chest.

3. From here, climb down the stairs and cross the bridge with branches and turn left after crossing the band of blue light that runs the length of the building. This is your third chest. Note that this one is right across the second treasure chest location.

4. Run across the bridge towards the second treasure chest location once again. But at the end of the bridge, turn right and take the narrow bridge and turn left once it widens. You will notice a basic treasure chest at the end of a broken pathway.

5. Walk back and now immediately turn left into a narrow pathway. You will cross a Space Anchor and now, take a left and go through a gate into a lower storey. Once you climb down the stairs, turn right and you will be greeted by a treasure chest.

6. Go straight from this last chest location and climb the stairs on your immediate right and take the bridge in front of you from here. You will have to go through a big arch and go down the stairs. On your left, you will see notice boards. The next chest is right near these boards. 

7. Climb back the same stairs, go through the arch and the bridge. Now, turn right, pass through a gate and you will see a big floating object in front of you called a Hexanexus. When you click on it, you will be navigated to a puzzle that requires you to match the ethereal and corporeal faces of the Hexanexus with the plates on the two sides. Once you solve this, you will be given a Bountiful chest for Artisanship Commission area. 

8. After collecting the Bountiful treasure, turn left, and cross through a smaller gate with banners on both sides. You will notice a Precious treasure right in front of you.

9. Now go back to the place where you found the Hexanexus. Behind that you will see a banner. It is basically a teleporter that links the opposite of the map. Take it to cross to the other side. Now, solve the other Hexanexus in front of you to get a Bountiful treasure. 

10. Behind this treasure, you will see another puzzle. Once you click on it, you will see that it is called Courier Cycrane. This is the Abacus Circuitry puzzle and once you solve it, you need to follow the Courier Cycrane. After following the bird, it will take you to another Bountiful treasure.

11. Now, from here, go down the stairs. You will see a red colored panel wall near Master Gongshu and a flight of stairs beside it. Climb the stairs, turn right, climb further till you see a chest.

12. Climb back down to meet Master Gongshu and talk to him to take up a puzzle called the Luminflux Pyxis. Once you successfully, finish the challenge, he will reward you with a treasure chest.

13. Interact with him again to take up another challenge. This time you again need to adjust the transmitters to simultaneously break all the targets, but the puzzle is slightly bigger. Once you have completed it, you will be rewarded with another basic treasure chest.

14. Let’s talk to Master Gongshu again. He will now give you an even bigger puzzle to solve but with the same ideology. Complete it to reap your reward, this time a Bountiful treasure.

15. Now, leave the Master behind and take the flight of stairs to his left, turn right and cross a bridge. Here, you will have to go up the stairs on the left and on top you will see a glowing flower. Turn left before the flower and take a right. You will have to go down a big set of stairs. In this market-like area, you will find another Hexanexus to solve. Upon completing the puzzle, you will get a Bountiful treasure.

16. From here you can battle foes. A lot of walking is needed after the previous chest, but you’ll eventually reach this pig-like creature (Warp Trotter) and you need to hit it before it flees to start the battle. Once the battle is over, you are rewarded with Stellar Jade and other precious stuff. 

17. Walk back and go to the space anchor that’s above on the map. Walk through the bridges to find another chest.

18. From this chest, walk back and go through a series of bridges without railings and walk down the stairs after crossing a teleporter. Turn left and you will see a Precious chest waiting for you.

19. There will be a gate right opposite this Precious chest. Walk through it and climb down the stairs on the right and you will see another rotatable teleporter banner. Walk past this teleporter and you will see a Navigation Compass on your right, which needs to be solved. Once complete, you will receive a Bountiful treasure. 

20. Use the teleporter that you now crossed to get on top of a box. In this vicinity, you will see another chest. From this height you will see another teleporter atop a box in the distance, Rotate your banner and go to that box opposite you. Here you will find a basic chest filled with rewards.

21. Look around to see a platform with another identical teleport banner and a hexanexus. Teleport there and solve the puzzle. Once you’ve collected this reward, you will see a Courier Cycrane behind it. Just like how you did last time, follow the bird. At one point, it will stop moving. This is your cue to unlock a big door.

23. Once the door is open, the Cycrane will fly through the gate and take you to your Bountiful Treasure in the Artisanship Commission area.

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