All Honkai: Star Rail Treasure Chest Locations in Administrative District

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Honkai: Star Rail treasure chests in Administrative District


In Honkai: Star Rail, players are informed how many chests are available for grabs in a particular location
Here are the locations of the ten treasure chests in the Administrative District area.

Honkai: Star Rail is the latest game from HoYoverse and the game has already surpassed 20 Million downloads. Notably, the game is available for download on PC, iOS and Android and the game will receive its PlayStation release soon. Honkai: Star Rail players are quickly unlocking new characters, finishing up missions, and reaping rewards from chests. In the game, players are informed how many chests are available for grabs in a particular location. However, finding these chests is completely in the hands of the players and the game allows them to figure that out on their own.

Here’s all you need to know about the treasure chest locations in the Administrative District in Jarilo - VI.

Treasure chests in Administrative District

Players are first introduced to the Administrative District during the ‘In the Withering Wintry Night Trailblaze Mission’ in the game. General Gepard leads players into the district after agreeing to not cause trouble in the area. Once the players leave the party behind, they are allowed to explore the different locations within the Administrative District and gain more information about the area from the locals.

As part of the exploration, players are led into a hotel to rest for the night. There will be two options either to end the day and move on to the next Quest or stay awake and continue exploring. Notably, there are ten chests to collect in the Administrative District in Honkai: Star Rail. Upon choosing to explore further, players have the possibility of collecting nine treasure chests before entering the hotel room. However, the tenth chest is connected to another mission and players might have to play the game a while to get their hands on it. 

Here’s how you get the treasure chests in the Administrative District in Jarilo - VI in Honkai: Star Rail. In the Navigation menu, click on Administrative District, and click on Goethe Hotel. 

  1. Head to the Goethe Hotel Space Anchor to find a basic treasure chest immediately next to the waypoint. 

  2. From here, run southwest to the end of the path and collect the treasure chest next to an open restaurant setting.

  3. Next, you need to head North from the restaurant setting and climb a winding staircase. You will spot a closed gate near the green banners and the chest is placed against the gate.

  4. Go down the stairs and take a left, follow the stairs from the outside and you will see another chest right in front of you.

  5. From the last treasure chest location, turn right and head north. Take a left and climb a couple of stairs and you will find Dominic, the lecturer. There’s a treasure chest right beside her.

  6. From here, cross the street and you will see a giant staircase to your right. The next chest is behind a guard. 

  7. Now, go north from the previous chest location to go down a flight of stairs. Here, you will find a basic treasure chest beside a guard. 

  8. In front of you, you will find a blockade and there is a chest that is story-locked behind this area.  Investigate the Blockade Line by teleporting to the Central Plaza Space Anchor. When you reach the B1 level, the chest will be right on the marked location. However, to access the lower floor of the region, you need to complete the main mission upon reaching level 24.

  9. In the Administrative District, let us look at the chests in the north part of the map. Head northwest from the Golden Theater Space Anchor to open another basic treasure chest.

  10. Next, return to the same Space Anchor and walk east to find another chest behind the Theatrical Posters.

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