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Honkai Star Rail



“On the Doorsteps of Science" in Honkai Star Rail requires you to answer five difficult questions to complete the quest chain.
The questions test your logical reasoning and mathematical abilities.
You need to reach Trailblaze Level 21 to unlock the quest chain.

Honkai Star Rail has multiple chain quests that you can complete for rewards and one of the most difficult ones players have encountered so far is “On the Doorsteps of Science.” You need to start the quest and login for at least five days to complete the quest. You will be asked a series of questions and need to answer them correctly. If you are stuck on the quest, here are all five answers to the Ministry of Education’s quiz.

Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Quiz Answers

Question 1: Which are there more of, prime numbers or natural numbers?

Answer: The same

Question 2: The Limesteins have a large parking lot filled with 42 cars. One day, a thief stole wheels from several cars. Now, several cars only have three wheels left. While appraising damages, the insurer bent down and counted a total of 154 wheels across the lot. How many cars had their wheels stolen?

Answer: 14

Question 3: One and only one of the following options is correct. Please make your choice.

Answer: Option 3 is incorrect

Question 4: 58 is the First Snow, and the First Snow is 0. 39 is Summershade Bamboo, and a Summershade Bamboo is 14. 99 is Ball Peony, and Ball Peony is 8. 27 is Sunflower, and Sunflower is 4. How much does First Snow, Summershade Bamboo, Ball Peony, and Sunflower added together make?

Answer: 162

Question 5: The Limesteins’ wheel thief was apprehended, with the guards taking in three suspects: Jack, Chris, and Eric. The three argued, with Jack blurting: “Chris is the one who stole the wheels!” The quick-witted Gepard quickly found the culprit. To test his aide, Gepard said cryptically without revealing the thief: “How strange. Of the three, only the thief did not lie.” Who was the thief that stole the Limesteins’ wheels?

Answer: Eric

Once you answer all five questions you will complete the “On the Doorsteps of Science” quest and unlock the associated rewards. If you have not run into the quest during your exploration yet, you need to reach Trailblaze Level 21 before you get a message to start the quest.

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