GFX Tool Pro for BGMI: Can You Use It?

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GFX tool pro is a third party application used to enhance the gaming experience for BGMI players on low end devices.
Krafton has prohibited the use of third party applications and softwares. If anyone is caught using these applications their account will be permanently banned.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is the most popular battle royale title in India and has garnered its popularity because of its impressive graphics and features. Being a mobile game BGMI offers some of the best graphics for low end as well as high end devices. 

GFX tool pro is an application that helps players reduce lag and frame rate in BGMI and improve their overall gaming experience. Krafton has ensured that BGMI can be played on low end and high end devices with minimal difference in frame rate and graphics. But sometimes many low end devices suffer from frame rate issues and having a third party application can be useful.

GFX tool pro and its safety issues detailed

GFX tool pro is an application that allows BGMI players to change their graphic settings. BGMI offers various FPS (frames per second) settings to choose from but the players can only see those settings which are compatible with their mobile devices. Players with lower end devices are not able to access high graphic settings and this application allows those players to access all the levels of FPS settings and have almost the same gaming experience as a high end device.

Is GFX tool pro safe to use?

GFX tool pro usually changes the game data of BGMI which enables low end device users to access all FPS levels. There are many low end device players that can use similar kinds of applications to improve their gaming experience. 

Do note that Krafton has prohibited the use of such kinds of applications. Krafton in their policies has specifically mentioned that the use of any kind of third party application or software is not permitted. GFX tool pro is a third party application that customizes the game files in BGMI. Section 5.1 in policies for misconduct states that the use of any kind of unauthorized programmes or softwares may lead to strict penalties such as a permanent ban from BGMI.

It can be said that using GFX tool pro or any other software or application to enhance your gaming experience is prohibited by Krafton itself. Users should use such softwares at their own discretion.

BGMI policies for misconduct

There may be some players who want to achieve better results and improve their experience while playing BGMI. So, here are some methods which will help to improve your BGMI gaming experience without external softwares or applications:

  • Closing background applications: While playing BGMI make sure that you are not running any kind of applications in the background as it may cause frame rate and lag issues and hamper your gaming experience.

  • Use the lowest graphic setting: There are various graphic settings available for compatible devices. Most of the players prefer to use smooth graphics and extreme frame rate settings. But you can experiment with different options and use those settings which provide minimal lag and provide good frame rate.

  • Clear storage space: Players need to have some free storage space available to avoid overheating of mobile devices which causes frame rate and lag issues. You can also turn off auto updates to not fill up your storage unknowingly.

Players who aspire to become an esports athlete should stay away from these kinds of tools and applications as it can affect their career in the future. Using third party applications can get your account banned and if you are willing to spend money to buy weapon and character skins or other accessories, then you shouldn’t use third party applications as your account could get banned and all your purchases will be wasted.

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