Is Krafton Bringing Global Matchmaking to BGMI?

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Global matchmaking allows players to play the game with players beyond their geographical border.
Several users were able to see the server feature in BGMI which allows global matchmaking.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most played battle royale games in India and its developer and publisher, Krafton, is always looking to improve and update its features every now and then. Since its launch, Krafton has put in efforts to make the game interesting by introducing events, skins and various other features.

Krafton seems persistent in its efforts to expand upon the features of the game. One of these features is Global matchmaking which allows a player to play the game with players outside their geographical borders. Players from one country can change their servers and play with players from another country. An image was recently circulated that almost confirms global matchmaking is being tested out for BGMI.

Global matchmaking in BGMI detailed

BGMI as the name suggests is a game developed specifically for the Indian region. Being a region specific game BGMI as of now does not allow global matchmaking.

In a recently circulated image it can be seen that some of the players were having an option to change their servers from India to other regions. There were different servers visible such as India, North America, Europe, South America, Middle East and KRJP (Korea and Japan). Bringing a global matchmaking feature to BGMI would be an important step from Krafton as it will give international exposure to esports athletes and players.


Last year Tanmay “Scout” Singh represented 7Sea Esports at an international PUBG Mobile event and from his experience he mentioned the importance of global matchmaking in BGMI. He said that if we want to compete on the global stage with international players we should have global matchmaking. Saumya “Saumraj” Raj, a player for Entity, had also said that having global matchmaking in BGMI would be good.

BGMI being a region specific game also has tournaments and events focused on the Indian region. Players from other countries are not allowed to participate in these events. The global matchmaking feature will allow the players to test their skill and potential against international players. Due to the game being region specific, it does not allow players to enhance their skill and esports athletes have to rely on their local opponents for practice. Indian players have rarely gotten an opportunity to play global events since BGMI’s launch.

The BGMI esports athletes know there will always be some gap between the performance of Indian teams at global events as none of the top teams or players from India have played against any global teams since PMWL Season 0.

Players are hoping for this feature to arrive soon so that they can get an opportunity to play against international teams and players. But for the moment there is no official statement from Krafton regarding the global matchmaking feature. Players will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the future.

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