Garena Free Fire MAX characters: We look at DJ Alok vs Jota after OB33 Update to see who is better.


Garena Free Fire MAX: DJ Alok vs Jota Which Character Is Better After OB33 Update?

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Garena Free Fire MAX update OB33 went live yesterday.
We compare Garena Free Fire MAX Characters to see who comes out on top after update OB33.

The Free Fire Max OB33 update has gone live after a short maintenance patch. This patch had some major updates, a new character and reworks for A124, Nikita and Steffie. A few other characters also had balance changes implemented. While there were no changes to either DJ Alok or Jota in the OB33 update, the new Character Link system definitely changes the DJ Alok vs Jota equation. The new Link System allows you to unlock all Garena Free Fire MAX characters without diamonds. Let’s look at the two characters and compare which character is better after the Garena Free Fire MAX OB33 update.

DJ Alok vs Jota: Which of these Garena Free Fire MAX Characters is better?

First lets look at the two characters in detail:


Alok's speed boost and heal give him and his team great utility, making him one of the best Garena Free Fire MAX Characters. 

Alok is another Free Fire character who thrives in both a solo and a team setting. Alok’s active ability called Drop the Beat creates a five meter aura around Alok that gives a 15% speed boost as well as heals for 5 HP per second for 10 seconds. The speed boost is helpful in catching up to enemies or escaping dangerous situations while his healing gives him that extra bit of survivability. All this makes him a good addition to any team comp.


Jota was a great pick in Garena Free Fire MAX before OB33. 

Jota is another great character for players who like to take longer fights. His ability Sustained Raids allows players to recover HP from damaging enemies. If you knock down an enemy in the process, you also get upto 20% HP back. This ability has no cooldown so you can keep stacking it. Jota is great for players who like to drop into hot zones and play aggressively. Due to there being no cooldown for his abiliy Jota can immediately move towards taking out the next enemy without pausing to heal. Jota can be purchased from the character store for 8000 gold coins.

Comparing their abilities, DJ Alok’s active ability makes him a better addition to the team, given that it gives you both HP and a speed boost. Jota is great for players who like to take longer fights, but his ability is only activated when you’re in combat. Before update OB33, Jota would have been a more accessible pick for players since he could be purchased without spending any diamonds. However, the new Character Link system introduced in the Garena Free Fire MAX OB33 update changes the game completely. Now you can link to DJ Alok and grind out his missions to unlock him. Therefore, following the implementation of the OB33 update, for the DJ Alok vs Jota debate, DJ Alok comes out on top.

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