Free Fire Ramadan Mystery Shop: Glistening Majesty Bundle, Beauty Bundle, More


Free Fire Ramadan Mystery Shop: Glistening Majesty Bundle, Beauty Bundle, More

Ahsan Kabir
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Free Fire Ramadan Mystery Shop 2024 includes exclusive bundles and discounts up to 90% for all interested players.
Free Fire players stand a chance to unlock Glistening Majesty Bundle and Glistening Beauty Beauty Bundle in the new Mystery Shop Event.
Players can also spin for free discounts and claim their favorite items in the Free Fire Mystery Shop.

The eagerly anticipated Free Fire Ramadan Mystery Shop for April 2024 has officially been announced, captivating the game's community with its significantly discounted offerings. Known for its ability to attract players with affordable collectibles, the event's popularity is unsurpassed.

This edition is particularly notable for its exclusive attire, designed to celebrate Ramadan 2024, and presenting players with the unique opportunity to acquire two major rewards - Glistening Majesty Bundle for males and Glistening Beauty Bundle for females.

Free Fire Ramadan Mystery Shop: Complete Details

On 4th April 2024, Thursday, the Indian server of Free Fire welcomed the launch of the latest Mystery Shop event, which is set to run until 11th April 2024, Thursday.

Central to this event are two exclusive bundles:

  • Glistening Majesty Bundle for Males

  • Glistening Beauty Bundle for Femals

Participants are invited to test their fortune through a complimentary spin, which randomly assigns them a discount on their purchases.

These discounts can be exceptionally generous, offering reductions of up to 90% on items. Initially, players will be directed to a prize pool featuring the Glistening Majesty bundle. However, for those seeking variety, an option to switch between prize pools is available for a nominal fee of 10 diamonds, allowing access to a diverse range of discounted items.

Free Fire Ramadan Mystery Shop: Exclusive Items and How to Acquire Them

The Mystery Shop's inventory is nothing short of impressive, featuring a wide array of sought-after items such as the majestic Glistening Majesty bundle, assorted weapon crates including the Majestic Prowler and Green Flame Draco, and various other in-game accessories like the Vietnam hat, Phantom Predator gloo wall, and the Rabbit pink-backpack.

Latest Mystery Shop Event Page in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire Ramadan Mystery Shop: Complete Reward List

The first prize pool contains the following items.

  • Glistening Majesty bundle

  • Majestic prowler (woodpecker) token crate

  • Green Flame Draco (M1014) token crate

  • Ranger banner

  • Shorts (black)

  • Vietnam hat

  • Rabbit pink-backpack

  • Phantom predator-gloo wall

  • BP S13 Token crate

  • White sneakers

  • Impossible (top)

  • Lake spirit-Skyboard

  • Volcano loot box

  • Ornamental touch dessert eagle weapon crate

Free Fire Ramadan Mystery Shop: Steps to Secure Discounted Items

To participate in this event, players should follow these simple steps.

  1. Launch Free Fire and navigate to the events section by selecting the banner option on the left corner of the screen.

  2. Find and select the Ramadan Mystery Shop event, then click the 'go to' button to access the event page.

  3. Engage in a free spin to reveal a unique discount, which can then be applied towards purchasing items at significantly reduced prices using diamonds.

The Ramadan Mystery Shop 2024 stands out as a not-to-be-missed event for the Free Fire community, offering both exceptional deals and the joy of celebrating Ramadan through the game.

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