Top Free Fire Streamers and Content Creators in India


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Top Free Fire Streamers and Content Creators in India

Meet the Titans: These are the Faces Dominating India's Free Fire Scene

Ahsan Kabir
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From Techno Gamerz's broad gaming spectrum to Total Gaming's anonymity and Desi Gamers' community focus, India's Free Fire scene showcases diverse paths to stardom.
Techno Gamerz leads with 39 million followers, becoming a gaming titan in India despite moving beyond Free Fire content.
Total Gaming captivates 40.7 million fans with diverse gameplay, creating a new niche for Indian gaming creators.

The Indian gaming scene, particularly with Free Fire, has seen an extraordinary surge in content creation and streaming, with numerous personalities rising to fame. Here is an overview of the top Free Fire streamers and content creators in India, based on their massive reach, engagement, and influence in the gaming community.

Here are the Top 5 Free Fire Streamers and Content Creators in India

1. Techno Gamerz (Ujjwal Chaurasia)

  • Subscribers: 39 Million

  • Average Views: 11 Million

  • Total Views: 11.4 Billion

Techno Gamerz, or Ujjwal Chaurasia, stands at the pinnacle of Indian gaming content creation. With an eclectic mix of content that is not just limited to Free Fire, Ujjwal has captivated a vast audience, evident from his staggering 7.6 million average views per video.

Over the past year, his YouTube channel has witnessed a subscriber growth of 7.2 million, making him the most significant figure in Indian gaming when it comes to content creation.

However, it has been years since the creator left Free Fire to entertain his audience with other games in the market.

Source: Social Blade

2. Total Gaming (Ajay - Ajju Bhai)

  • Subscribers: 40.7 Million

  • Average Views: 8.25 Million

  • Total Views: 4.03 Billion

Ajju Bhai, the once faceless enigma behind Total Gaming, has a diverse gaming portfolio that includes Free Fire, which has helped him amass over 37.1 million followers.

His content, despite his former anonymity, has secured him a firm spot in the hearts of Indian gamers, with an impressive annual growth of 3.1 million subscribers.

Source: Social Blade

3. Desi Gamers (Amit Sharma)

  • Subscribers: 15 Million

  • Average Views: 1.69 Million

  • Total Views: 2.38 Billion

Amit Sharma, known online as Amit Bhai, runs Desi Gamers, a channel that has become a cornerstone for Free Fire enthusiasts in India. With an engagement rate of over 10%, Amit's content resonates deeply with his audience, further emphasized by his significant view count and subscriber base.

Source: Social Blade

4. Two Side Gamers

  • Subscribers: 12.6 Million

  • Average Views: 0.96 Million

  • Total Views: 2.37 Billion

Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka, the duo behind Two Side Gamers, have created a unique space for themselves in the Indian Free Fire community. As the first duo gaming channel from India, they have not only managed to secure a large following but have also maintained a high engagement rate, showcasing their popularity and influence.

Source: Social Blade

5. AS Gaming (Sahil Rana)

  • Subscribers: 20.1 Million

  • Average Views: 2.09 Million

  • Total Views: 2.98 Billion

Sahil Rana, or AS Gaming, has built a substantial following with his focus on Free Fire content. His journey from Himachal Pradesh to becoming one of India's most prominent gaming figures is a testament to the power of dedication and passion for gaming.

Source: Social Blade

Special Mentions:

  • Gyan Gaming (Gyan Sujan): With a focus on Free Fire and a variety of other games, Gyan Gaming has built a 15 million strong subscriber base, achieving 117,900 average views and a 9.95% engagement rate.

  • Lokesh Gamer (Lokesh Raj): Known for his Free Fire gameplay and lifestyle content, Lokesh Gamer has a following of over 15.6 million subscribers, with an average view count of 149,600 and a 10.71% engagement rate.

These creators have not only capitalized on the booming digital entertainment market in India but have also fostered a strong community of gamers, contributing significantly to the growth of esports and gaming content creation in the region.

Their success is a combination of consistent content quality, engagement with their audience, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of online gaming.

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