New Evo Vault Event in the New Free Fire MAX Launched; Check Price, How to Get


Free Fire MAX Launches New Evo Vault Event: Price, Rewards, How to Get, More

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Free Fire MAX's Evo Vault Event offers exclusive evo gun skins like MP40-Chromasonic, enhancing gameplay with superior firepower.
With just 20 Diamonds per spin, players have a chance to unlock premium evo skins and essential upgrading token crates.
The event guarantees at least one evo skin within 50 spins, providing a competitive edge to dedicated Free Fire enthusiasts.

On 2nd April 2024, Free Fire MAX launched an exciting new feature for its players: Evo Vault, coinciding with the upcoming OB44 Update. This event offers a unique opportunity for gamers to acquire some of the most sought-after evo gun skins through a premium engagement.

For those passionate about enhancing their gameplay with top-tier weapons, Evo Vault presents an array of exclusive evo gun skins, including the vibrant MP40-Chromasonic, the formidable Thompson-Cindered Colossus, the fiery M4A1-Infernal Draco, and the sleek MP5-Platinum Divinity.

Free Fire MAX Launches New Evo Vault Event: Complete Details

Diamond Cost of New Evo Vault Luck Royale

To participate, players can use diamonds - the game's currency - to make spins in the Luck Royale, a chance-based game within the event.

The structure is straightforward: a single spin costs 20 diamonds, while a bundle of 11 spins is available for 200 diamonds, offering a discount for bulk purchases.

Alongside these coveted skins, participants can also uncover token crates specific to each gun, vital for upgrading these skins to their ultimate versions and unlocking their full potential.

Reward List for New Evo Vault Event in Free Fire MAX

The Evo Vault event, set to run for 30 days, ensures that enthusiasts have ample time to engage and win these exclusive items. The rewards list for this event is as follows.

  • MP40-Chromasonic

  • Thompson-Cindered Colossus

  • M4A1-Infernal Draco

  • MP5-Platinum Divinity

  • Chromasonic (MP40) Token Crate

  • Cindered Colossus (Thompson) Token Crate

  • Infernal Draco (M4A1) Token Crate

  • Platinum Divinity (MP5) Token Crate

  • Gold royale voucher

  • Secret clue

  • Bonfire

  • Diamond royale voucher

  • Armor crate

  • Pocket market

New Evo Vault event page Free Fire MAX

Accessing the event is simple. Players must first launch Free Fire MAX on their device, navigate to the Luck Royale section, and select the Evo Vault event to begin their quest for the exclusive evo gun skins.

The system is designed to guarantee at least one evo skin after 50 spins, equating to 1000 diamonds, although luckier players might secure their prize sooner.

For enthusiasts wondering whether the investment is worthwhile, it's important to consider the competitive edge these evo gun skins provide.

With enhanced attributes, owning one significantly increases your chances of success in matches. Therefore, for dedicated Free Fire fans aiming to elevate their gaming experience, participating in the Evo Vault event and adding these exceptional skins to your arsenal is an opportunity not to be missed.

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