Free Fire OB44 Advance Server APK Download, Activation Code, And More


Free Fire OB44 Advance Server APK Download, Activation Code, and More

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Free Fire OB44 Advance Server offers new characters, game modes, weapons, and bug-testing opportunities.
Players can now download APK files and enter activation code to access test server features.
Free Diamonds for players who spot and report bugs.

Garena has unveiled the highly anticipated Free Fire Advance Server OB44, granting players an exclusive opportunity to delve into the game's upcoming features before the official release. This testing platform serves as a sneak peek into the OB44 update, scheduled to roll out in April.

Among the notable additions is the introduction of the new Kairso character, a fresh game mode, and an exciting new weapon, promising to enhance the gameplay experience.

Furthermore, Garena has implemented various balancing adjustments, fine-tuning the abilities of existing characters to maintain a harmonious gaming environment.

How to Download Free Fire OB44 Advance Server APK

To access the Free Fire OB44 Advance Server, players must download the dedicated APK file, conveniently available on the server's official website. This process is straightforward and can be completed by following a few simple steps.

  1. First, gamers need to visit the Advance Server website: ( using their preferred web browser.

  2. Next, they must log in using the credentials associated with their registration process. If they haven't registered previously, they can easily complete the registration procedure.

  3. Once logged in, players can locate the 'Download APK' button and initiate the download of the APK file. It's essential to note that the file size is approximately 1 GB, so ensuring sufficient storage space on the device is crucial before proceeding with the download and installation.

  4. After successfully downloading the APK file, players must enable the 'Install from Unknown Source' setting on their Android devices to install the Advance Server application.

  5. Once installed, they can launch the application and select the 'Guest' option, followed by entering the Activation Code to gain full access to the Advance Server.

OB42 Advance Server Activation Codes:

Free Fire OB42 Advance Server Activation Codes:

It's important to highlight that the Activation Code is a mandatory requirement and can only be obtained after the registration process. Garena distributes these codes to a limited number of participants due to the server's capacity constraints.

Duration and More Details of Free Fire OB44 Advance Server

The Free Fire Advance Server OB44 will be operational until 3rd April 2024, Wednesday, providing players with ample time to explore all the new features, test the content, and report any bugs or issues they encounter.

By participating in the Bug Hunter Program, players have the opportunity to receive free diamonds as a reward for their valuable contributions.

This testing phase serves as a crucial step in Garena's development process, ensuring that the upcoming OB44 update is thoroughly vetted and optimized before its official release.

Players can immerse themselves in the new content, provide feedback, and contribute to shaping the future of Free Fire.

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