Free Fire OB44 Character Isabel Leaked: Check Ability, Stats, More


Free Fire OB44 Character Isabel Leaked: Ability, Stats, More

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Isabel's leaked ability provides continuous healing, overheal for teammates.
Healing bond breaks if teammates move over 15 meters apart.
60 second cooldown balances the incredibly potent healing ability.

Garena recently leaked details about a new character named Isabel that is expected to be added to the OB44 update of Free Fire. According to the leak, Isabel will have a game-changing active ability called 'Electrotherapy'.

Isabel's leaked Electrotherapy ability appears to be incredibly potent, potentially meta-shifting, and could become a widely used option in Free Fire's OB44 update due to its unparalleled healing and overheal capabilities.

Before we go into the leaks, it is important to note that all this information is obtained from the OB44 Advance Server and the developers may change the character name or her attributes before releasing it in the global version.

Everything we Know so Far About Isabel: Free Fire OB44 Character

Isabel's Active Ability: Electrotherapy

Isabel's Electrotherapy ability will connect her to a teammate through a healing bond. To receive the healing benefits, Isabel and her teammate must remain within 15 meters of each other. If they move farther apart, the healing bond will automatically break.

Isabel's Active Ability: Electrotherapy in Free Fire OB44

Free Fire

While the healing bond is active and Isabel and her teammate are within the 15-meter radius, they will both continuously receive 3 HP per second without any restrictions. This constant healing of 3 HP per second is exceptionally high and can significantly boost survivability during battles.

Isabel's Overheal Effect

Additionally, if Isabel's teammate's HP drops below 100, they will receive an overheal effect, instantly restoring 80 extra HP on top of their maximum HP. For example, if a teammate has 90 HP and connects the Electrotherapy bond, their HP will instantly increase to 170 (90 + 80 overheal).

This overheal effect is capped at 80 HP. If Isabel wants to forcefully apply the overheal when her teammate already has high HP, the overheal amount will be reduced to half (40 HP). So, if a teammate has 150 HP and connects the bond, they will receive 40 overheal HP, raising their total HP to 190.

Cooldown and Balance of Isabel

The Electrotherapy ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds, ensuring it cannot be constantly spammed. Despite its powerful nature, the developers seem to have balanced Isabel's ability by requiring her and her teammate to remain in proximity of each other and by implementing a substantial cooldown period.

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