Free Fire OB44 Advance Server: Release Date, How To Register, And Download APK


Free Fire OB44 Advance Server: Release Date, How to Register, and Download APK

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Free Fire OB44 Advance Server is about to open soon, allowing players to test new features before the update rolls out globally.
Advance Server requires an 'Activation Code' that players must obtain before the registration slot is full.
Players also stand a chance to earn free diamonds in Free Fire by reporting bugs in the Advance Server.

In Free Fire, before any major update goes live globally, Garena allow regular players to test its new features on a dedicated server known as the 'Advance Server.'

This server allows players to try out upcoming features, report bugs, and contribute to improving the overall game. Similarly, the Free Fire OB44 Advance server is set to go live on 22 March 2024.

If you want to be part of this testing phase for the OB44 update, here's how you can register and download the Advance Server APK.

Free Fire OB44 Advance Server: Complete Details

How to Register for Free Fire OB44 Advance Server?

  1. Visit the Free Fire Advance Server website.

  2. Click on 'Login Facebook' or 'Login Google'.

  3. Enter your Facebook or Google account details and log in.

  4. Fill out the required details and submit.

After completing these steps, you will be successfully registered for the OB44 Advance Server. Once registered, you can download the OB44 Advance Server APK on your Android device. It's important to note that the Advance Server is not available for iOS devices.

How to Download OB44 Advance Server APK?

  1. Visit the Free Fire Advance Server website.

  2. Log in with your Facebook account.

  3. Click on 'Download APK'.

  4. Go to the Download folder and install the APK.

  5. Open the game and sign in with your Facebook account or use the Guest Login option.

How to Login to OB44 Advance Server?

The Advanced Server used to have only a 'Facebook Login' option, but now there's also a 'Guest Login' and 'Google Login' option. For the OB44 Advance Server, you may need an Activation Code, which developers send to the email provided during registration. Without this code, you won't be able to log in.

If you receive the code, open the Advance Server APK, log in using any of the options, and enter the Activation Code on the next screen. Now, you're ready to explore the new features of the upcoming update.

Advance Server Activation Code Example

Advance Server Activation Code Example (expired)

Reporting Bugs in OB44 Advance Server to Earn Free Diamonds in Free Fire

If you've received the Activation Code, reporting bugs can earn you free diamonds for your main Free Fire account. There are three prizes: 3000, 2000, and 1000 diamonds.

To report bugs, use the 'Report' button in the Advance Server APK. There's also a special reward of 100 diamonds for the player who reports the first unknown bug.

In summary, download the OB44 Advance Server to try out new features, and if you encounter bugs, report them to earn free diamonds.

Release and End Date of Free Fire OB44 Advanced Server

Free Fire OB44 Advance Server is scheduled to open on 22 March 2024. Players can try out the upcoming features from then till 3 April 2024.

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