Free Fire MAX Scorching Ring Event: How To Get Scorching Seal Bundle And More


Free Fire MAX Scorching Ring Event: How to Get Scorching Seal Bundle and More

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Scorching Ring Event in Free Fire MAX offers exclusive bundles like Scorching Seal and Flaming Hollowface, available until 4 May 2024.
Players can spin for items using diamonds, with guarantees within 200 spins, and access high-value bundles and tokens.
Players can also exchange Luxury Tokens for major rewards including various bundles, game enhancements, and themed weapon loot crates as part of this event.

Free Fire MAX introduced the Scorching Ring Event across Indian server on 22nd April 2024. This event is scheduled to run until 4th May 2024 and is known for its premium and exclusive collectibles that cannot be obtained anywhere in the game.

This event offers the Scorching Seal Bundle along with other attractive items designed to impress and intimidate opponents.

Free Fire MAX Scorching Ring Event: Complete Details

Free Fire MAX Scorching Ring Event: Event Mechanics and Rewards

Those participating in the Scorching Ring Event can choose to spend diamonds to make spins, 20 diamonds for a single item or 200 diamonds for a collection of 11 items.

Within 200 spins, players are guaranteed to receive top-tier prizes like the Scorching Seal Bundle or the Flaming Hollowface Bundle. These cosmetics are not only aesthetically pleasing but also instill fear in the hearts of adversaries due to their intimidating appearances.

Additionally, the event features Luck Royale tokens alongside the bundles as part to its reward pool.

Scorching Seal Bundle in Free Fire MAX

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Free Fire MAX Scorching Ring Event: Reward Details

The prize pool of the event is expansive, featuring several bundles and items:

  • Scorching Seal Bundle

  • Flaming Hollowface Bundle

  • Multiple denominations of Luxury Tokens, ranging from 1 to 100 units

Free Fire MAX Scorching Ring Event: Exchange Options for Enhanced Rewards

While obtaining desired items directly through spins might seem challenging, players have the advantage of an exchange section.

Blazing Hollowface Bundle in Free Fire MAX

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Here, they can use their accumulated Luxury Tokens to claim valuable items such as,

  • Blazing Hollowface Bundle – 200 Luxury Tokens

  • Killspark Lava Bundle – 200 Luxury Tokens

  • Phoenix Zing Bundle – 200 Luxury Tokens

  • Infernal Carnizard Bundle – 200 Luxury Tokens

  • Name Change Card – 40 Luxury Tokens

  • Room Card – 15 Luxury Tokens

  • Cube Fragment – 5 Luxury Tokens

  • Roaring Gunfighter Weapon Loot Crate – 4 Luxury Tokens

  • Flaring Bionica Weapon Loot Crate – 4 Luxury Tokens

  • Digital Dasher Weapon Loot Crate – 4 Luxury Tokens

  • Egg Hunter Weapon Loot Crate – 4 Luxury Tokens

  • The exchange interface of the Free Fire MAX Scorching ring event

The exchange interface in Free Fire MAX is easily accessible. Players need to click on the 'Exchange' icon located above the event. Once clicked, they can select the desired item and it will be added to their in-game vault, ready for use during gameplay.

This feature not only enhances player engagement but also ensures they can obtain valuable items through strategic use of resources.

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