Free Fire India Servers Being Setup In Mumbai Ahead Of Game Release


Free Fire India Servers Being Setup in Mumbai Ahead of Game Release

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The launch process, though prolonged, involved meticulous planning to align with India's data privacy and server capacity laws.
The switch to hosting the server in Mumbai from Greater Noida reflects a strategic pivot to enhance connectivity and performance.
With the official rollout, Indian gamers can expect an enhanced version of Free Fire, optimized for local preferences and regulatory standards.

Singapore-based game publisher Garena is reportedly gearing up to re-introduce its popular video game, Free Fire, to Indian gamers with full localization.

After over seven months of deliberation and following government directives, Garena is in the process of relocating its game server to Navi Mumbai, India to align with local regulatory standards and to meet the specific needs of the Indian market.

Garena Setting Up Servers in Mumbai Ahead of Free Fire India Release

Commitment to Localization and Regulatory Compliance

As reported by Economic Times, Garena has confirmed that "Free Fire India will feature a fully localized infrastructure tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the authorities and our stakeholders in India."

This move underscores Garena’s commitment to adhere to regulatory demands and cater to the unique preferences of the Indian gaming community.

Free Fire India 

Setting Up the Server: Preparations and Testing

In July 2023, The Uttar Pradesh government signed an MoU with Singapore-based Garena to develop the esports industry in the state, leveraging Yotta's data center in Greater Noida, India’s first hyperscale data center park, for hosting services to support global esports events.

However, as per the report by ET, the new server is set to be installed at Yotta’s Data Services facility in Navi Mumbai, where it is currently undergoing rigorous testing.

ET further reported that Yotta is working closely with Garena’s headquarters to ensure the server can handle high streaming workloads efficiently. This testing is essential for ensuring a seamless gaming experience, especially crucial in esports tournaments where technical issues can have wide-reaching impacts.

These localization efforts represent a major development for both Garena and the Indian gaming community awaiting Free Fire's relaunch. These measures aim to ensure a smoother, more reliable gaming experience for players.

Challenges in the Free Fire India Launch Process

The launch of Free Fire in India has experienced a prolonged process for over a year, primarily due to the need to comply with local regulations and set up a fully localized gaming infrastructure.

The movement of the game server to India, a significant step in the localization process, was delayed due to additional time needed for localization efforts.

As a result, in December 2024, the game was removed from the Google Play Store due to a breach of the 90-day pre-registration policy set by Google. After its removal due to policy violations, there were brief periods when the game reappeared on the platform, only to be taken down again. 

During this time, Free Fire engaged in high-profile celebrity endorsements and collaborations. This included announcing the former captain of the Indian Cricket team, MS Dhoni, as the Brand Ambassador for Free Fire.

However, Free Fire MAX continues to be available on the Play Store, offering enhanced graphics and gameplay, aimed at providing a more polished Battle Royale experience to the players.

The prolonged launch process has left the gaming community yearning for a firm release date. Keeping all the launch updates aside, the focus now shifts to Garena to provide a clear timeline and finalize the release, addressing the expectations of its eagerly waiting audience.

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