Free Fire Max Moco Store Event: How To Get Mythos Fist And Scorpio Grasp


Free Fire Max Moco Store Event: How to Get Mythos Fist and Scorpio Grasp Fist Skins

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A new Moco Store Event was launched in Free Fire MAX offering Mythos Fist and Scorpio Grasp Fist Skins as grand prizes.
Select items from grand and bonus prize pools through diamond spins range from 9 to 499 diamonds.
The Moco Store Event will be running from 20 April to 3 May 2024 on the Indian servers.

AFK A new Moco Store Event has launched in Free Fire MAX, offering players a chance to acquire the latest fist skins and other in-game items. The featured rewards up for grabs are Mythos Fist Skin and Scorpio Grasp Fist Skin.

The Moco Store Event is available from 20th April to 3rd May 2024 on the Indian Server of Free Fire MAX, giving players a two-week window to participate and spend diamonds to get their desired items, especially the new fist skins.

This article sheds light on how you can obtain these coveted items without facing much hassle.

Free Fire Max Moco Store Event: Complete Details

The Moco Store Event functions differently compared to typical luck-based events in Free Fire. It contains multiple prize pools divided into a grand prize pool and a bonus reward pool.

This structure allows players to select specific items they want to attempt to obtain through spins using diamonds as the currency.

Fist-Mythos and Fist-Scorpio Grasp in Free Fire MAX

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Free Fire Max Moco Store Event: Complete Reward List

The grand prize pool includes six items in total.

  • Fist-Mythos

  • Fist-Scorpio Grasp

  • Gloo Wall-Aqua Rogue

  • Scythe-Night

  • MP5- Sublime Scorpio

  • Katana-Scorpio

Players can choose one item from this pool that they want to try and get. Below are the bonus rewards from the prize pool.

New Moco Store Event page in Free Fire MAX

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Bonus Rewards

  • Night Blade-Parang

  • Jeep-storm bringer

  • Grenade-Earthshaker

  • Backpack-Scorpio

  • M60-Sublime Scorpio

  • Pan-Scorpio

Diamond Spin Cost to get Fist-Mythos and Fist-Scorpio Grasp

To obtain items, players spend diamonds on spins, with the cost increasing from 9 to 499 diamonds for subsequent spins. The required diamonds to get all the items are; 9, 19, 39, 99, 199, and 499.

Each spin guarantees a new item until the selected prizes from both pools are acquired. Other smaller rewards like loot crates and vouchers are also provided.

Apart from the Moco Store Event, Garena's OB44 update introduced the AUG - Party Animal Skin, XM8-Blizzard Brawl Weapon Skin, and Mechadrake Event featuring bosses and exclusive ranking points.

The update enhances gameplay with new challenges and rewards, including a revamped Zombie Hunt with strategic depth and dynamic action.

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