Free Fire MAX SCAR Ring Event: How To Get Glistening Daystar SCAR Skin And More


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Free Fire MAX SCAR Ring Event: How to Get Glistening Daystar SCAR Skin and More

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Glistening Daystar SCAR skin debuts in Free Fire MAX as part of the Ramadan 2024 celebrations, available via diamond purchase.
SCAR Ring Event offers spins for random rewards, including the coveted SCAR-Glistening Daystar, set to run from 13 to 27 April 2024.
PLayers can also exchange Universal Ring tokens for various rewards, including SCAR skins and other valuable in-game items during the event.

Free Fire MAX, a game renowned for its extensive arsenal, has introduced the SCAR as one of its standout weapons, which is beloved by most players for its performance and aesthetics.

In a new update, a legendary skin, the Glistening Daystar, has been added to the SCAR lineup. This skin is launched as a part of the Ramadan 2024 celebrations, imbued with a unique charm, and requiring diamonds for acquisition.

Everything About Free Fire MAX SCAR Ring Event

The SCAR Ring Event, which began on 13th April 2024 and is set to take place until 27th April 2024, offers players a chance to win the Glistening Daystar Skin among other prizes.

In this event, participants make spins using diamonds to receive random rewards. Each spin costs 20 diamonds, but a package of 10 spins offers an additional bonus spin, increasing the chances of obtaining coveted items.

Free Fire SCAR Ring Event: SCAR Glistening Daystar Skin

  • Armor penetration ++

  • Rate of Fire +

  • Magazine –

SCAR-Glistening Daystar in Free Fire MAX

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Free Fire SCAR Ring Event: Reward Mechanics and Exchange Options

The excitement of the SCAR Ring Event is heightened by the variety of rewards available. Besides the coveted SCAR-Glistening Daystar, players can win other SCAR skins like SCAR-The Beast and SCAR-Paradise.

For those not lucky enough to win their desired items directly, the event offers a solution through Universal Ring tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for a range of valuable items, including different weapon skins, name change cards, room cards for matches, and various loot crates. The exchange rates vary, with the Glistening Daystar skin being the most expensive at 250 tokens.

Free Fire SCAR Ring Event: Reward List

  • SCAR-Glistening Daystar

  • SCAR-The Beast

  • SCAR-Paradise

  • 100 Universal Ring tokens

  • 10 Universal Ring tokens

  • 5 Universal Ring tokens

  • 3 Universal Ring tokens

  • 2 Universal Ring tokens

  • 1 Universal Ring tokens

This event not only enriches the gaming experience by offering new skins and rewards but also engages the community in a thrilling collect-and-exchange gameplay loop, making each spin a moment of potential great reward

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