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Five Places to Land on Nusa Map in BGMI

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Nusa is the new 1x1 map in BGMI and matches on this map last only eight minutes.
Selecting a good drop location with good loot is the key to success in Nusa.
Here are five good drop locations for Nusa.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) made a triumphant return with the introduction of the new Nusa map, an exhilarating and action-packed gaming experience set on a compact 1x1 map. This new map offers fast-paced matches that last only eight minutes, ensuring players remain on the edge of their seats throughout the gameplay. Selecting the ideal landing spot within Nusa is paramount for survival and success, as each area presents unique advantages and challenges. In this guide, we will explore five recommended landing spots on Nusa.

Telepak Town And Other Locations to Land in Nusa 

Nusa is a 1x1 map of a resort island located in a tropical zone. It is the smallest map to be introduced in BGMI. Here are some of the locations that you can prioritize for drop zones:

1) Telepak Town

Telepak Town is situated in the southeastern section of the Nusa map. It features tall buildings and houses with abundant loot and supplies, making it one of the most popular landing spots on Nusa. There is a seven-story building where you can encounter Mecha soldiers who will attack you on sight. This area is suitable for aggressive players who prefer intense battles and higher loot concentrations.

2) Science Center

Located in the middle of Nusa, the Science Center is another hot drop with a high concentration of loot. You can find various weapons, armor, and other valuable items here, making it a great spot for players aiming to improve their stats and rank quickly. However, be prepared for intense competition, as many players tend to land here.


3) Shipyard

The Shipyard is situated in the southwestern section of Nusa and offers numerous containers and warehouses filled with loot. While this location may be relatively safer due to fewer players landing here, it's important to stay vigilant and find cover while collecting loot, as the open space can expose you to enemy fire. Shipyard also has plenty of ziplines, which help with movement.

4) Regal Resort

Located on the northeastern side of the map, Regal Resort is an excellent destination for players to drop and loot. The resort features diverse small compounds and two-story buildings that allow players to monitor enemy movements and engage in combat. Overall, Regal Resort is a highly recommended location for players seeking strategic advantages and exciting gameplay on the Nusa map.

5) Flame Village

Flame Village, located in the center of Nusa, attracts a diverse range of players competing to be the last survivor. The main building in this location contains multiple rooms where you can easily find the weapons and utilities you need. Additionally, there is a shopping center where you can use coins to redeem valuable items. Flame Village is a versatile landing spot suitable for different play styles.


Remember, choosing the right landing spot can be crucial in BGMI, whether you're aiming to push your rank or participating in competitive esports. Consider your strategy and play style when selecting a drop location on any map, including Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar.

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