Best Guns For NUSA Map in BGMI



Top 5 Best Guns For NUSA Map in BGMI

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The NUSA map is designed to provide fast-paced matches with shorter durations, making it perfect for players looking for quick and action-packed gameplay.
Due to its compact size, encounters are frequent, and players need to stay alert and make quick decisions to survive.
Here are five guns that you can use in NUSA.

When Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) made a return to Indian App Stores it brought with it a new map named NUSA. Measuring at a compact 1x1 in size, the NUSA offers BGMI players fast-paced matches with shorter durations, typically lasting only eight minutes. Krafton also introduced the Super Recall feature on the NUSA map, allowing players to be recalled with a random weapon, intensifying the thrill in the game.

With the unique characteristics of the NUSA map, where matches are shorter and encounters are fast-paced, here are the top five guns that provide players with a balance of versatility, firepower, and control. These weapons ensure that players can adapt swiftly to the dynamic gameplay and engage in exhilarating battles on the NUSA map.

Five Guns to Use in NUSA

1. M416

Top 5 Best Guns For NUSA Map in BGMI

The M416 is a versatile assault rifle known for its accuracy, stability, and customization options. With its high fire rate and manageable recoil, it excels in close to medium-range combat. Attachments like scopes, grips, and extended magazines further enhance its effectiveness, allowing you to engage enemies effectively on the NUSA map. It uses a 5.56 ammo type. 

2. Akm 

Top 5 Best Guns For NUSA Map in BGMI

The AKM is a powerful 7.62mm assault rifle that deals high damage per shot. It is particularly effective in close-quarters combat due to its impressive stopping power. However, its recoil can be challenging to control without attachments. With proper practice and the right attachments, such as compensators and grips, the AKM can be a devastating weapon on the NUSA map.

3. Dp-26

Top 5 Best Guns For NUSA Map in BGMI

The DP-26 is a light machine gun that offers a high rate of fire and excellent damage output. With a large magazine capacity, it is suitable for sustained firefights and suppressing enemies. It uses 7.62mm ammo, and when prone, it helps in controlling the spray to a greater extent.

4. Ump

Top 5 Best Guns For NUSA Map in BGMI

The UMP (Universal Machine Pistol) is a submachine gun that excels in close to medium-range engagements. It offers a good balance of stability, damage, and fire rate. The UMP's low recoil makes it easy to control, allowing for accurate shots even during rapid fire. It uses .45 ammo.

5. M249

Top 5 Best Guns For NUSA Map in BGMI

The M249 is a light machine gun that uses 5.56 ammo that delivers a high rate of fire and excellent bullet penetration. Its large magazine size allows for sustained suppressive fire, making it suitable for both defensive and offensive playstyles. However, its slow reload speed can leave you vulnerable, so it's essential to find adequate cover while reloading.

It is important to acknowledge that individual playstyle and personal preferences greatly influence the selection of weapons, meaning that there is no universal "best" gun that applies to all players. It is crucial to explore various guns, attachments, and strategies in order to discover the combination that aligns with your gameplay style and optimizes your chances of success on the NUSA map. By experimenting with different options, you can tailor your loadout to suit your unique preferences and increase your likelihood of securing victories.

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