Five best Places to land in Sanhok BGMI



Five Best Places to Land on Sanhok in BGMI

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Sanhok is a fast-paced map with intense close-range battles.
Choosing a good drop location can affect your results.
The article covers five places on the Sanhok map that will increase your chances for a win.

Sanhok, the exhilarating and tropical-themed map of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), beckons gamers with its heart-pounding action and fast-paced gameplay. Embodied by dense forests, picturesque landscapes, and diverse terrains, choosing the ideal landing spot becomes a pivotal decision, laying the foundation for triumph and survival. In this article, we will explore five excellent landing spots in Sanhok that can maximize your chances of survival and success in the game.

Sanhok BGMI


Five Landing Places in Sanhok


Located in the central part of Sanhok, Boot Camp is a high-risk, high-reward landing spot. It offers an abundance of buildings, containers, and stacked crates, providing plenty of loot, including weapons, armor, and medical supplies. However, be prepared for chaotic close-quarters combat, as this spot is preferred by many players. The proximity to the coast and nearby vehicle spawns also provide strategic advantages for rotations and escapes.

Bootcamp Sanhok BGMI


Paradise Resort

Located in the northeastern part of the map, Paradise Resort offers a mix of buildings, huts, and natural cover. With its abundant loot and tactical advantage points, it caters to both aggressive and tactical gameplay styles. The surrounding cliffs and hills provide vantage points to scout and engage enemies, while the resort itself offers plenty of loot for your squad. Whether you prefer a more aggressive or strategic approach, Paradise Resort offers a well-rounded landing spot with its strategic positioning.

Paradise Resort Sanhok BGMI


Camp Alpha

Located in the northwest side of the map, Camp Alpha is a popular landing spot due to its diverse loot and central location. The military-style buildings and surrounding watchtowers offer a good chance of finding quality weapons, armor, and attachments. Furthermore, Camp Alpha's central position makes it an ideal location for subsequent rotations to different zones, allowing you to adapt to the ever-changing play area.

Camp Alpha Sanhok BGMI


Pai Nan

Located in the southwestern corner of Sanhok, Pai Nan is a village with a river in between and is surrounded by mountains. This location is often overlooked by many players due to its relative seclusion, making it an excellent spot for a quieter, loot-focused landing. The village contains a handful of buildings and ample loot, granting players a chance to gear up before moving into more populated areas. Hence it is ideal for players who want to avoid early fights, build up their loadout, and then take strategic fights.

Pai Nan Sanhok BGMI



Situated in the southeastern corner of the map, Ruins is a hidden gem for players who favor a stealthy and calculated playstyle. This ancient temple complex offers a unique setting with numerous buildings, tunnels, and underground chambers. While loot can be relatively sparse, Ruins provides an opportunity to catch enemies off-guard and engage in intense close-quarter battles. Additionally, the elevated terrain surrounding the Ruins grants an advantage in scouting the surrounding areas.

Ruins Sanhok BGMI


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