BGMI: Why the ACE32 Underperforms & How To Play It to Your Advantage?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>BGMI: Why the ACE32 Underperforms &amp; How To Play It to Your Advantage?</p></div>
BGMI: Why the ACE32 Underperforms &amp; How To Play It to Your Advantage?



Understand why the ACE32's distinct horizontal recoil pattern sets it apart from other 7.62 firearms.
Learn how to transform this challenge into an advantage on the battlefield.

The brand-new ACE32 assault rifle has made its debut in the battlegrounds of BGMI. Armed with 7.62 millimeter ammo and the ability to switch between single-shot and fully automatic firing modes, this firearm offers a unique set of features. While it might appear to underperform due to its distinctive horizontal recoil, there's more to this rifle than meets the eye. In this guide, we'll explore the reasons behind the ACE32's perceived underperformance and how players can leverage its strengths to dominate the battlefield.

Understanding the Unique Recoil Pattern

The most glaring aspect of the ACE32 that catches players off-guard is its distinct horizontal recoil pattern. While many 7.62 firearms exhibit similar recoil behaviors, the Ace 32's recoil stands out due to its unfamiliar pattern. This unconventional behavior often leads players to prematurely judge the rifle's effectiveness. However, it's crucial to recognize that mastering this unique recoil pattern can be the key to unlocking the ACE32's potential.

The Firepower Factor

One of the most significant advantages of the ACE32 is its exceptional rate of fire. Although its damage per bullet may seem lower than other 7.62 firearms, its high fire rate compensates for it. With each shot dealing 44 damage, the rifle achieves an impressive 511 damage per second. This damage output surpasses that of popular choices like the AKM and M762. This firepower can be a game-changer in close-range engagements, making the ACE32 a force to be reckoned with.

Overcoming Recoil Challenges

The ACE32's recoil issue isn't insurmountable; it simply requires the right approach. Equipping the correct attachments can make a world of difference in controlling the rifle's recoil. Two crucial attachments that players should consider are the compensator and the angled foregrip. The compensator significantly reduces recoil, enhancing stability and overall accuracy. Additionally, opting for the angled foregrip helps mitigate the horizontal recoil, which becomes especially pronounced when aiming down sights. By customizing the ACE2 with these attachments, players can turn its recoil challenges into an advantage.

Attachment Strategy

The ACE32 stands out with its versatility in attachment selection. Apart from basic attachments like magazines, sights, and muzzles, the rifle can equip four different grip stocks and canted sights, allowing for a total of six attachments. This extensive customization potential provides players with the opportunity to tailor the rifle to their playstyle.

  • Muzzle: Attaching a compensator reduces recoil, improving overall stability.

  • Foregrip: Opting for an angled foregrip helps control horizontal recoil, especially during ADS.

  • Laser Sight: For close-quarters combat enthusiasts, the laser sight enhances hip-fire accuracy.

  • Scopes: The choice of scope depends on personal preference and the desired level of magnification.

ACE32's Future Dominance

With its high fire rate, impressive stability (especially with attachments), and the option for six attachments, the ACE32 is poised to become a favorite among BGMI players. Its performance shines particularly in close-range battles, where its rate of fire and recoil management can turn the tide of engagements. However, it also comes with a significantly high reloading time which might incites more challenge for the user. Even so, as the firearm gains familiarity and players learn to master its recoil pattern, it's likely that the ACE32 will become a staple in the arsenal of skilled BGMI enthusiasts. In the meantime, you can also check out more of our BGMI Guides from here.

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