5 Mistakes Free Fire MAX Players Need to Avoid While Using Sniper Rifles

This is how you can hit those sniper shots more accurately.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Mistakes Free Fire MAX Players Need To Avoid When Using Sniper Rifles</p></div>
Mistakes Free Fire MAX Players Need To Avoid When Using Sniper Rifles


Improving at using sniper rifles in Free Fire MAX requires a lot of practice, hard work, and most importantly patience.
While grinding hard and refining their skills can make anyone a good player with a sniper rifle, to become great they must acknowledge their skills and correct them.
Here are five basic and key mistakes that Free Fire MAX players need to avoid when using sniper rifles.

The highest form of flattery in Free Fire MAX is usually obtained when a player goes on an absolute rampage with a sniper rifle, such is the power of a scoped rifle. But achieving this feat is not so easy, to be a good sniper, especially in a game like Free Fire MAX is a daunting task.

Players who are skilled with scoped weapons usually put in a lot of hard work to hone and sharpen their skills, working on things like improving their accuracy, positioning, flick shots, quick scopes, no scopes, and other such mechanics.

While all the players can do the above, they usually forget a few key mistakes to avoid while using sniper rifles, which may hold them back from truly showcasing their maximum potential. Here are five such mistakes that you can realize, acknowledge and improve upon to be a better sniper player in Free Fire MAX.

5 mistakes to avoid while using sniper rifles in Free Fire MAX

Everyone can practice hard and become good at playing with sniper rifles in Free Fire MAX, but they can only go so far without taking note of the mistakes that they are committing and correcting them.

Here are some key mistakes that many players generally commit. Solving these mistakes can instantly make one go from being good to becoming a great sniper player.

1) Avoid quick scoping while shooting at a target

It does add style points when a player hits a quick scope or a noscope when taking a frag in Free Fire MAX. But in most cases it leads to the shot simply missing the target or nudging them slightly, which may turn out costly at times, especially in clutch moment.

To begin with, start using a sniper rifle with a scope as it greatly increases accuracy. Now, it might seem like losing a precious second when scoping in to take a shot, but this way the shots are bound to not go wide.

Also, instead of flicking, trying to quick scope, or hoping to land a noscope, just try to take a normal shot by scoping in and pulling the trigger. Once you have mastered this and feel confident, then slowly move on to the more flashier things.

Scoping in to take a clean shot in Free Fire MAX

2) Being impatient and rushing with the shot

When you spot a target at a distance, do not try to take it down immediately, as this split second decision may lead to a hasty shot that has a high chance of missing.

Instead, take note of the target and make some mental points about its position, movement, and speed. Once you have a good read on these and are aware of the overall situation, go ahead and pull the trigger, completing a perfect shot that is more efficient with higher accuracy.

3) Avoid aiming for the head with sniper rifles

Most sniper rifles in Free Fire MAX are capable of landing a lethal blow to the target. Keeping this in mind, players should avoid the concept of always aiming for the head, a rule of thumb that is mostly applicable to pistols, semi-machine guns, and rifles.

Aiming for the head with a sniper rifle is a big red flag, as it has the highest chance of missing. As one bullet is enough to takedown the target, players using sniper rifles should instead aim for the body, automatically increasing their chance of landing a shot massively.

Sniper rifle combination in Free Fire MAX

4) Do not use sniper rifles in close range fights

Majority of the team fights and skirmishes in Free Fire MAX take place in mid to close range. While sniper rifles can be comfortably used to take long range kills, their efficiency takes a sharp hit as the distance from the target decreases.

Though highly skilled players are able to use sniper rifles in any and all situations, it is not advisable to use it in close range fights due to their slow reload mechanic and rate of fire. In such situations, players should always prefer swapping their weapons to a pistol or an SMG.

5) Stop moving when using a sniper rifle

A mistake that a lot of players commit is moving when trying to hit the target with a sniper rifle. Even the slightest movement can offset the accuracy of the shot by a significant margin. So players need to keep a steady hand and not move around, especially when scoped in.

Also, moving around while scouting enemy positions or when lining up a shot, can result in other nearby players getting information about your position, which is a huge risk as they may try to close the gap by charging towards the location.

AWM - Strongest sniper rifler in Free Fire MAX

Keeping these points in mind, when sniping in Free Fire MAX players can take it upon themselves to make an effort and improve their sniping skills to get those sweet long range kills.

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