How To Play Free Fire MAX With Existing Garena Free Fire Account


How to Play Free Fire MAX With Old Garena Free Fire Account

Here is how you can link Garena account with Free Fire MAX.

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Garena Free Fire was recently banned by the Indian Government within the country along with 53 other apps.
The new and improved version of the game Free Fire MAX was still unaffected by the ban for Android users, still officially available on the Google Play Store.
This is how players can migrate their old Garena Free Fire account and continue using it in Free Fire MAX.

Garena Free Fire was recently banned along with 53 other applications by the Government Of India (GOI). However, the newer and improved version of the game Free Fire MAX was still unaffected for Android users within the country. So all the Free Fire players who still want to enjoy playing the game, can easily switch over to the Free Fire MAX version of the title.

The best part is that they do not have to start over from scratch by creating a new Garena Free Fire account, instead, users can continue with their existing accounts by utilizing the Firelink technology that has been incorporated by the developers.

Unfortunately, not a lot of Free Fire players are aware that they can use their old or existing accounts with Free Fire MAX. Here is how you can continue playing on your Free Fire account on the new version of the title.

How to Play Free Fire MAX with old Garena Free Fire account

Free Fire players that still want to play the game that too on their existing accounts can do so by making use of the Firelink technology adopted by Garena.

However, the players would have to switch over to the new version of the game, Free Fire MAX. As it is still unbanned in India for Android users, officially available via the Google Play Store.

Here is how you can go about accessing your Free Fire account via the MAX version of the game,

  1. Before starting with the Garena Free Fire account migration players must download and install Free Fire MAX via the Google Play Store. You can do so by clicking here, which will instantly redirect you to the store page.

  2. Download the game and install it on your device. Make sure that there is enough space on the device and keep in mind that some additional space may also be required due to some in-game downloads for certain maps, costumes, and more.

  3. Click on the game and open it. When the log-in screen appears, use the same platform (Facebook, Guest, More) to sign in which was linked to your old or existing Garena Free Fire account.

  4. Due to Garena having enabled the Firelink technology, this will automatically connect the user to their Free Fire account, as the developers maintain the progress of the user across both these titles.

Free Fire MAX - Login Screen

Just following these four simple steps is enough for players to enjoy playing Free Fire once again, although it will be on the newer improved Free Fire Max version, so players with older or low end devices may face some issues running the game properly.

However, they will be able to continue playing the game on their existing Free Fire account, with all their progress saved and continuously being synced between the two games. In case, Garena Free Fire gets unbanned within India someway down the line, players will still be able to continue on the same account.

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