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Free Fire MAX: Best Settings for More Accuracy and Aiming

Abhimannu Das
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Getting the right Free Fire MAX settings involves using the right mix of sensitivity, display and HUD settings.
You can explore a range of two-finger, three-finger and four-finger setups from pro players to find what you need.
Your display settings should always be left to the default options as Garena automatically identifies the right settings for you.

Free Fire MAX is a next-gen version of Free Fire with upgraded graphics settings. But if you are running the game on a slightly older device, you may experience stutters and frame drops that can impact your gameplay experience. By optimizing your performance and control settings you will notice that it is much easier to aim and land your shots. If you are confused about all of the extensive settings included in Free Fire MAX, here is a quick guide to help you get started.

Free Fire MAX: Best Settings for Aim and Accuracy in 2022

There are three key settings that can drastically change your performance, which include your Display Settings, Sensitivity, and Control Layout. Your display settings depend completely on your device. If you have a powerful mid-range smartphone or a high-end device, you will be able to play at high display settings with no issues.

Display Settings

Your Display Settings are adjusted automatically by the game depending on which smartphone you use. If you notice that you are not getting optimal framerates or experience stuttering, try lowering the graphics settings to see if the performance improves. In most cases, you will not need to change your Display Settings as the game automatically identifies the best graphics settings to offer you maximum framerates.

Free Fire MAX Display Settings

Control Layout

Your Control Layout or HUD Layout can be customized depending on how you grip your phone. All players have different playstyles so you should adjust your control layout accordingly. Some players use two fingers on each hand to play while others use three or more fingers for easier access to controls. Here is quick video that goes through the customization process for all three HUD styles.

Your personal preferences and comfort should be the primary factors for your Control Layout. You should be able to access all necessary on-screen buttons comfortably. Smartphone sizes and different hand sizes make it impossible to recommend a single HUD layout for all players and you should experiment with what suits you best for the best results.

Sensitivity Settings

Your sensitivity settings dictate how much you have to swipe on your screen to move your crosshair around. Higher sensitivity allows you to flick faster while lower sensitivity options allow you to be more precise and track better. Finding the right mix of the two will help you perform better in Free Fire MAX.

Here are the best sensitivity settings in Free Fire MAX:

  • General: 96-100

  • Red Dot: 93-97

  • 2x Scope: 83-87

  • 4x Scope: 54-58

  • Sniper Scope: 48-52

  • Free Look: 78-82

These are the recommended sensitivity ranges for various scopes but feel free to make any adjustments to suit your playstyle.

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