Palworld Traversal Guide: How to Unlock and Use the Grappling Gun?


Palworld Traversal Guide: How to Unlock and Use the Grappling Gun?

Surya Kumar
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A Grappling Gun is used to quickly traverse through harsh terrain with varying elevations.
Players need to be at least level 12 to unlock the Schematics to craft the Grappling Gun.
You can also unlock the Mega Grappling Gun once you reach level 17.

Palworld encompasses various types of biomes, each filled with treacherous terrains that make it difficult to travel through them. Thankfully, the game provides numerous options for you to get around its deep ravines and precipices. While gliders allow you to gracefully fly through the map, getting past obstacles on foot can be made easier using gadgets such as the Grappling Gun. Without further ado, here’s how you can unlock and use one for easily traversing through the game’s numerous regions.

How to Unlock and Craft the Grappling Gun in Palworld?

Unlocking the Grappling Gun requires you to meet certain prerequisites such as:

  • Progressing to player level 12

  • Access to Ancient Civilization Parts

  • Access to Paldium Fragments

  • At least one Ancient Tech Point

Although reaching level 12 is relatively easy, sourcing the other materials can pose a bit of a challenge. While Paldium Fragments can be obtained from blue boulders, you will need to equip a pickaxe to mine them. Ancient Tech Points can be acquired by completing tower raids or even defeating bosses. Note that you will receive 5 points for a boss kill and 1 point for each world boss kill.

ancient civ parts

The most difficult item to acquire would be the Ancient Civilization Parts, as it will require you to defeat Alpha Pals and bosses found in dungeons or out in Palworld’s various biomes. These are formidable foes and you will need quite a bit of skill and decent gear for a triumphant victory against them.

grappling gun

Once you unlock the Schematics for the gun, it can be crafted at any type of workbench and it will consume these resources:

  • X10 Paldium Fragment

  • X10 Ingots

  • X30 Fiber

  • X1 Ancient Civilization Part

Ingots can be smelted using Ore obtained from dark, copper-like Boulders that can be found relatively easily by roaming around the vicinity of your base. Keep in mind that you need at least a Primitive Furnace to make them. Fiber, on the other hand, can be acquired by chopping down trees with an Axe. If you have access to a Crusher, you can also obtain them from Wood.

How to Use the Grappling Gun in Palworld?

A Grappling Gun comes in handy when you are traversing through harsh terrain of varying elevation. It essentially works by firing a hook that latches onto different targets and objects. Players can use it in a similar way to firing guns, by pressing right-click to aim and left-click to shoot the hook.

That is pretty much all it takes to craft and use a Grappling Gun in Palworld. Note that you will have a 12-second cooldown after firing, so be mindful of this if you are going to use it during combat.

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