Here’s How You Can Craft a Glider in Palworld


Here’s How You Can Craft a Glider in Palworld

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A Glider or a Parachute unlocks when you get access to Rank 5 Tech Items in the game.
Crafting a normal parachute requires access to a Palbox to create a Primitive Workbench.
Alternatively, you can also use Pal Gliders or unlock more powerful gliders once you reach level 17.

The immersive open-world environments in Palworld are certainly a sight to behold. The game boasts massive valleys and mountains and many players are wondering about the most efficient ways to traverse these beautiful yet harsh terrains. However, before you begin your adventurers around Palworld, you must gather certain resources and tools to build gadgetry that will allow you to traverse various biomes. Without further ado, let’s figure out how to build Gliders or Parachutes in the game.

How to Craft the Glider / Parachute in Palworld?

As mentioned above, you need to gather and have access to certain tools before you can build yourself a glider or a parachute in the game. You need to set your base with a Palbox and create a Primitive Workbench. Once you have these ready, you need to make sure you have reached at least level 5 to unlock the glider, as it is a rank 5 tech item.

To craft the primitive workbench, you will require the following items:

  •  X10 Wood: Can be obtained by chopping down trees or even as ground loot.

  • X2 Cloth: Can be found in the early biomes as drops from weak creatures like Lamballs

With these items, you will now have access to the common parachute or glider that will unlock traversal through the skies. You can equip this by simply heading into your inventory and assigning it to the “Glider” slot.

Once you do this, you can freely use your glider whenever you are falling from high ground. All you need to do is press the Jump key while in the air to activate its mechanism. You need to remember that gliding consumes quite a bit of your stamina so make sure you preserve it and not fall to your death. To cancel the parachute, you simply need to press Jump again.

Do note that the glider does not require you to be at very high altitudes and it can be triggered even after a regular jump. You can make use of this whenever you require a slight vertical boost or to break your falls.

When Can You Upgrade the Glider / Parachute in Palworld?

Once you reach level 17, you will unlock the Mega Glider which will allow you to glide much faster in the air. It can be crafted for 50 wood, 20 cloth, and 10 bone.

The fastest glider that you can use in Palworld unlocks when you reach level 40. Known as the Giga Glider, it is the most fastest way to fly through the sky and it requires several items to be crafted:

  • X20 Refined Ingot

  • X100 Wood

  • X20 Carbon Fiber

  • X10 High-Quality Cloth

Apart from this, the game also offers Pal Gliders, which can be crafted once you capture Killamari or Celeray pals and unlock their gear. This is all you will need to acquire one:

  • X5 Cloth

  • X5 Venom Gland

  • X10 Paldium Fragment

The Pal Gliders are much faster than the common parachute while also consuming less stamina to operate. However, you will require the aforementioned Pal in your party to use it.

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