Where to Find Wheat Seeds and Farm Wheat in Palworld?


Where to Find Wheat Seeds and Farm Wheat in Palworld?

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Wheat Seeds can be obtained either from Pals such as the Flopie or Dinossum or purchased from the Wandering Merchant.
Wheat is crucial in making Flour, a key ingredient used in a wide range of dishes in Palworld.

Palworld is a survival game with a major emphasis on crafting various items and cultivating resources. You will find numerous ingredients that can be obtained from Palworld’s massive open world either through its environment or by hunting different creatures roaming around the map. One such key ingredient is Wheat which can be cultivated using Wheat Seeds. It is crucial in producing Flour, the most important part of most food items that can be cooked in the game. Let’s jump right in and figure out where to get Wheat Seeds in Palworld. 

Where to Get Wheat Seeds in Palworld?

Players can acquire Wheat Seeds through two different methods in the game. The first way is by capturing Pals like Flopie and Dinossum. While Flopies are prominent in the early game area, Dinossums can be found in abundance near The Plateau of Beginning Fast Travel point. Remember that if you are just starting, the Dinossum will be quite difficult to capture in comparison to the Flopie. If you are set on hunting them, we recommend you upgrade your gear and level up before attempting to hunt them.


The other way to obtain Wheat Seeds would be through purchasing them from the Wandering Merchant. You can find him if you head west from the starting point of the game, where there is a Fast Travel point called Small Settlement (coordinates 75, -478). Identifying him is pretty easy as he will be wearing a Red costume and standing inside a small hut beside the firepot in the village. Apart from Wheat Seeds, you can also purchase several other items from him, including Wheat. Both of them will cost 100 Gold each.


How to Farm Wheat and Build a Wheat Plantation in Palworld?

After gathering the Wheat Seeds, you can build a Wheat Plantation to farm Wheat and its seeds. This is what you’ll need to build one:

  • X3 Wheat Seeds

  • X35 Stones

  • X35 Wood

All of these items can be acquired easily as they are all basic resources. We already know how to get the seeds while Stone and Wood can be acquired from trees and rocks. Once your Wheat Plantation is up and running, you can make it completely autonomous by assigning it to Pals with Planting, Watering, Gathering, and Transporting capabilities.

To finish the process, you can build the Mill which will turn the Wheat into Flour that can be used to cook various dishes like Cakes, Bread, etc. You will need 50 Wood and 40 Stones to build one and a Pal with watering suitability to operate it. After setting up all of these structures, you will have a continuous supply of Wheat, Wheat Seeds, and Flour that can be used for various purposes or even sold for that extra Gold.

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