Palworld Guide: How to Catch Lyleen? Spawns, Breeding Combinations, and More


Palworld Guide: How to Catch Lyleen? Spawns, Breeding Combinations, and More

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Palworld brings players a number of Pals to catch, and Lyleen is an incredibly useful Pal.
Are you wondering how to catch Lyleen in Palworld? Here's our guide to help you catch this Grass-type Pal.

Although Palworld may still be a relatively fresh game, it has managed to capture everyone’s heart around the world as millions of players seek new Pals to catch. The game has plenty of Grass-type pals to find, but the best of all of them is Lyleen. This powerful Pal is the perfect ally to take into a battle or addition to your base. In this article, we’ll reveal everything you need to know about Lyleen in Palworld, its spawn location, how to catch it, breeding combinations, and more.

How Can You Find Lyleen in Palworld?

You can locate Lyleen roaming around Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3, which is far on the northeast side of the map. Lyleen is fairly common once you’re at the location and is normally around level 40. The Pals you’ll come across in this area will be quite high-level, so you should be cautious when heading out to find them.

You’ll require both warm-weather armor and cold-weather armor for this journey. During the day, the desert is quite hot, while at night, it gets freezing. Therefore, you must be fully prepared for whatever the environment throws at you.

Lyleen Location

How to Catch Lyleen in Palworld?

It can be quite hard catching Lyleen as it appears in the while around Level 40. To capture this Pal, you must bring a powerful Fire-type Pal and have high-quality Pal Spheres like Ultra or Legendary Spheres. It’s not a rare Pal like Jetragon, so you don’t need to stress too much if you can’t get it on your first attempt; there are a lot of them in the wild. 

Lyleen Location

Lyeen Work Suitability and Partner Skill

There’s no doubt that Lyleen is a great addition to any Palworld team. It’s a strong Grass-type with incredible planting skills. If you task Lyleen with handling your gardens at the base, you’ll have absolutely no issues in production. Lyeen has three Work Suitaibilties – 

  1. Planting (Level 4)

  2. Handiwork (Level 3)

  3. Medicine Production (Level 3)

  4. Gathering (Level 2)

That’s not all; Lyleen also has a ‘Harvest Goddess’ partner skill, allowing this Pal to restore the player’s HP. This makes a crucial companion for surviving in Palworld. Its passive skill allows the player a 20% increase in Grass-type damage, which is useful in dealing against ground-type Pals such as Anubis

Lyleen Breeding Combinations 

If you don’t want to spend time going out in the wild to capture Lyleen, you spawn this Pal using the game’s breeding system. Here are all the breeding combos to get a Lyleen offspring in Palworld – 

  1. Mossandra +Petallia

  2. Lyleen + Lyleen

That’s everything you need to know about Lyleen in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can catch Jetragon in Palworld. 

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